Guest Post Submission – There are several methods to communicate your thoughts and insights, and one of the ways is writing content/articles. Using this, not only you can share your ideas and stories, but also you’ll give the reader valuable information which is useful. So, we are here would give you a platform and place to connect with our community by opening guest post submissions, especially in the health field.

Therefore we receive for health guest post submission. To whom would like to contribute their article at You have an opportunity to be accepted as our guest poster. All you need to do is only prepare your article and then send it to us. We are looking for a serious guest post contributor who can supply us regularly with 1 article about health & wellness each week. If you think, you are good enough and ready to work with us. You can send a sample article to us.

How Writing Guest Posts Can Help You

You may ask why you should write and submit your article as guest posts to our site. FYI, we have more than 100.000 monthly readers and keep growing until it hits a million. You have a big role to turn us bigger than before. Besides that, you’ll get advantages from doing this. Particularly, it can increase your authority, establish your credibility, and improve SEO. Accordingly, you’ll get a higher rank in SERPs and get more organic traffic to your site.

To have a complete understanding of how guest posts will help you, here are some major benefits that you may get from becoming a guest poster in Olidhealth.

  • By submitting guest posts to us, you will have the opportunity to publish and promote them to thousands of audiences, increasing the number of visitors to your website.
  • Regularly sharing your high-quality guest posts would allow you to establish yourself as an expert in the health niche and gives credibility you seek.
  • Submitting guest posts will provide you with a large amount of organic referral traffic. We have a growing audience, and you have the opportunity to be noticed by a large number of people, thereby increasing your online presence.
  • Doing guest posts would help to increase your experience and writing skills. With this, you can also build a writer’s portfolio and create an excellent resume as an author.
  • Submitting and publishing guest posts on such reputable websites will help you build brand awareness. People will regard you as a credible source and use your content as a reference. This is how you’ll get your name and branding.

Coverage Categories that You Can Write for Us

We aim to give our readers informative and valuable articles that are helpful for a healthy lifestyle. So, we are only focused to deliver health, wellness, mental health, and healthy food content to the audiences. Presently, you must prepare the topic and you have to make sure that it can be accepted on our site. We won’t accept an article if it is out of our coverage because it will drop our authority slightly. So, you can check out down below about the accepted category on this site.

  • Infants and Toddlers
  • Kids and Teens
  • Men
  • Women
  • Fitness
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Healthy Living
  • Mental Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight Loss

Have you taken a look at the category above? Afterward, you can prepare your article and submit it to us.

Guest Post Writing Guidelines

Every site has its own regulation regarding guest posting submission and so OlidHealth. You must completely understand our requirements and then follow them properly so your article will be published without any problem. What kind of guidelines do you have to follow? Then, check out below.

  1. Word count. We welcome short articles, but please not less than 800+ words (including the references). Make sure you write in English fluently with fewer grammar or spelling errors.
  2. Headline & Content. Your guest post content should be related to our coverage topics. Please write a catchy headline that can represent your content.
  3. Plagiarism. Make sure the article must be original (It should not rewrite or spun article), unique, and free from copy-paste. Besides that, we don’t accept any republished articles, even posted on your own site.
  4. Linking Rules. You can add a maximum of 1 outbound link that’s quite trusted and credible for your content. Furthermore, we also allow you to add 2 internal links from our posted articles that are reliable to your content.
  5. Content Quality. Give us high-quality health content that’s well researched and valuable for our audience. We just accept informative articles that are free from promotion or advertising. We don’t accept sponsored tags or even use promotional language on your guest post content. Regardless of that, you can still write articles that are complete with brainstorming and can answer the most frequently asked questions.
  6. Images/videos. You can also add images/videos that are related to your content to make it attractive and engage more viewers. Please add citations for every image you get from outside resources. This is a way to avoid copyright issues.
  7. Content Formatting. Make sure you write content with a more active voice. Also, use short sentences in each paragraph, and for this, you can use bullet/numbering to shorten your sentences. You also need to use proper subheadings ( H1, H2, H3, and more). Then, make sure you use rich vocabulary to avoid repetitive sentences.
  8. SEO Optimized. Write guest post content that has great keywords and you should adjust it naturally in the content with anchor texts.

These rules apply to guest posters as well. Every guest post submission that does not match our criteria will be rejected. At the very least, double-check the rules to ensure you write a good guest post before submitting it to us.

Ready to Submit Guest Posts Here?

There should be dozens of questions about how can you submit guest posts at OlidHealth. And from the explanation above, we have answered most of your questions about contributing content here. Have you read them all and you fully understand what to do? If you think you are ready to submit your article. Please send it to [email protected]. You can also send the inquiry from the form below. After we review your submission, we would directly contact you through email if we are deciding to post your content here. So, don’t hesitate to join us right now.