The Best Physical Exercise Routine That You Should Have Before Hit 30s

The best physical exercise routine that you should have before hitting 30s – Children and teenagers have a lot of physical activity to build up their bodies and improve their health. As time passed, grown-up people have less and less time to have proper exercise. As an adult that hits 30, you should have one or two physical exercise routines to maintain your youthful energy and health. Moreover, Exercise routines like doing footwork with soccer or arm work like tennis need specific requirements to do that. There is the best yet most simple physical exercise routine like jogging, running, and weight training needs less equipment and could be done anytime and anywhere.

Why Is So Important To Have Physical Exercise Routine?

Lack of exercise makes obesity

In the first place, some research finds that humans are more likely to have good posture for running. Because of that, Physical exercise is important as human nature to keep it balanced. Another reason is to maintain your body stay healthy as is. Moreover, humans tend to move around like walking and running in emergency cases. However, we are pampered with high-end technology that makes us lazy to move.

Having a physical exercise routine in low or moderate amounts for people under 30 is needed to regulate body metabolism. World Health Organization gives a statement to have physical activity 150-300 min in moderate-intensity exercise a week for adults (18 – 50 years old) to prevent the possibility of chronic disease [1].

If we lack an exercise routine, imagine a battery that just stores up energy without releasing it. In fact, Carb and fat should be burned by physical activity, but we just neglect it, build up within the body, and become complication diseases like obesity, diabetes, and many more. Physical training is needed to relieve the body from building up fat. So, consider its benefit to our health and start to do it before getting 30.

Starting Exercise Routine In The Late ’30s or ’40s Is Bad?

There is no late to start your physical exercise routine

If you are in your 30s or 40s, It is not late to do the physical exercise right now. Moreover, there is no ‘late’ for starting a good habit like this regardless of age and gender. Although it is easy to start the thing, it is hard to maintain it. How to start a physical exercise routine also depend on your determination to get a healthy body. It is also about your motivation to do it. Set your target like want to have good body posture or build up muscle is a good resolution. The better you got the motivation, the more you have benefited from it.

For starting, do some light training to warm up your body. Simple aerobic and walking are well-started packs for beginners to have a physical exercise routine. Do it regularly and gradually add some difficulty to give variant exercise. If you have troublesome belly fat, start it right now. You will regain your body fit before you know it.

Best Physical Exercise Routine Before You Hit The 30s

Grown-up people may have little time to keep a physical exercise routine to stay active. However, they’re also simple physical activities that could be done while you get to work. Some of these also need specific equipment to support your routine if you have more free time and set your schedule. It is the best choice to keep your body stay healthy.


Brisk walking is good step to start exercise habit

If you are frequently walking 30 minutes a day for going to the workplace, it is also a kind of exercise routine. It is considered low-to-moderate intensity training and moving your body like that also could maintain muscle function. Walking is the most simple physical exercise routine you should have before you hit 30.

Is just walking enough? of course not. This is the simplest training that is suitable in any condition. However, if you want to level up it, there is also a variant of walking such as brisk walking. It is also kind of walking but scaling up step count up to 100 per minute and speeding up the walking pace. Moreover, elder people like this type of walking since it is easy to exercise regarding age, gender, and body weight.


running is moderate to high intensity exercise to train body

Running is a simple exercise routine besides walking that can be the starter training at any time. Moreover, this physical exercise routine has many benefits to maintain cardiovascular health and enhance joint strength. Some studies also suggest that 10-minutes running a day is enough to have these health benefits and surpass the time limit to make it more healthy [2].

Control your limit for beginners since it went into moderate-high intensity exercise. Set timer during the running course depends on your limit. Moreover, Don’t push your limit on the first try since your body needs to get used first [3]. Jogging is also an alternate option for running since it’s the best cardio exercise for reducing belly fat. If you are previously a soccer player or other related sport that need running, you should maintain this routine since it’s good as a health asset at later ages.

Yoga And Aerobic Routine

yoga as indoor friendly exercise that should be your habit

Yoga is an indoor cost-friendly exercise for the 30s that is good to be your physical routine. Moreover, you can do some yoga poses with or without a mat, but we suggest using it since it’s relatively low cost and prevent slipper during yoga course. Some of the yoga is so simple that anyone can do it easily such as child pose, cow pose, and mountain pose.

Start with these poses for the first-timer and make the interval set between them (30-60 seconds to change pose). If your body is flexible enough for other poses, add some difficult poses like plank or half-moon pose. This physical routine is also good to improve your flexibility, muscle performance, and even burning your belly fat [4].

Besides this exercise, some low-intensity aerobic such as swimming, rowing, and cycling is good for variant physical exercise routine for the 30s. However, this kind of exercise is pricy and needs some preparation that can’t be done instantly. Balancing time to work and doing some exercise could bring better healthy life for you.

Simple Muscle-strengthening at Home

muscle-strengthening can be done with moderate or high intensity training

This workout is good as following up other exercise routines for the 30s like walking and running. You can say that walking is just a warm-up course and muscle-strengthening exercise is a true exercise to build up your muscle. Moreover, this physical exercise is also good at home since it doesn’t need any supported item. However, don’t jump to a high number set if you are not used to it since this exercise is moderate or high-intensity training. These are muscle-strengthening activities that are so simple to do at home as follow:

  • Push up
  • Sit up
  • Squats
  • Plank
  • Hand Gripping
  • Toe stand
  • Crunch
  • Jumping jack, Etc.

For starters, doing a modified push-up like a wall push-up that good to train inactive muscles for the 30s. Crunch and squats are also good with the minimal set (3-5 repetitions in 2-3 sets). Do it regularly as your physical routine could help to improve your health and lose some weight at the same time.

Weight Training

weightlifting is good choice if you have more free time to hit gym

This physical exercise is an option for you that have spare time to hit the gym. Moreover, weight training in the gym is variable depending on your choice and you get supervised by a trainer. Some training like deadlift or biceps curl may be difficult for beginners. We recommend having barbell exercise because it is practical and can be combined with a muscle-strengthening course.

However, some weight training can be done at home with simple DIY weight set like mineral bottles and plastic bags. Fill up used mineral bottles with water as a barbell and do some exercise routine with it. Keep in mind, these are alternative options for low-cost exercise. You should get some genuine barbell since bottle weight could harm you if it slipped off and struck your feet.

Sport Play

soccer could train your focus and maintain muscle and nerve function

You can do your physical exercise routine with friends in sports play. Moreover, Some beneficial corporations may encourage their employees to work out with sports play systems to help maintain their health. This exercise is good as an alternate routine to keep their body stay fit since some employees need to stay on their computer for a long time.

Furthermore, sports with team-play like soccer also need concentration, teamwork, and endurance to do it. This exercise is good to maintain brain function and muscle strength in one workout.

If you don’t like soccer, other optional sports like tennis and basket also a good exercise routine to keep the body stay moving and reduce muscle stiffness. Swimming is no exception for this matter since it is also good for lung practice, tuning muscle, and training endurance. Choose one of these sports as your physical routine before you hit your 30s because you’d body still have some power to do it and preserve it at its finest.

Make Physical Exercise Routine As a Habits

It is possible to make exercise routine as a habit and studies also suggest it because healthy habit could bring healthy generation [5]. There is some exercise schedule for first timer and regular as follow [6]:

  • First timer  – Do low to moderate-intensity exercise like walking or brisk walking for 30-45 minutes a day, followed by some muscle strengthening exercise like push up or weightlifting for 1 set in 10 repetitions or 2 set in 5 repetition
  • Regular – Do moderate to high-intensity exercise like jogging or running for 10-30 minutes with 2-day intervals, followed by some muscle strengthening exercise to tune up to major muscles like abdomen, leg, hips, arm, etc).

You can add sports play once or twice a week as an optional schedule plan to make physical activity a habit. However, be careful to not overdo it because it is not wise to strain your body with that.

Benefit Having Exercise Routine

benefit having physical exercise routine to reduce risk of certain disease and maintain health

By maintaining your healthy life with regular training and exercise, you have the various benefit of having proper body function [7]. There are some health benefits below such as:

  • Promote mental health – Some studies find that regular exercise in the ’30s could reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental disorder.
  • Improve muscle strength – Doing training every day could form good muscle and strength to overcome daily activity.
  • Improve stamina – As followed by strengthening muscle, stamina is also enhanced. It helps you through the day without getting tired.
  • Decrease risk of chronic disease – Having exercise habits can maintain the body’s metabolism and lower diabetes type 2, hypertension, bone fracture, osteoporosis, hepatic and kidney stone.
  • Maintain cholesterol levels – Physical activity could help to regulate fat within muscles and organs. It also helps to burn some fat into energy and lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol along with it.
  • Promote better sleep – Good exercise make your body feel better and induce a deep sleep that helps to maintain the internal clock system within the body.
  • Maintain nerve function – Some exercise needs specific order to train concentration, agility, and endurance. These kinds of physical activity could help to keep nerve function properly.

Follow Up Exercise Routine With Good Nutritious Food

there is also food besides supplements that are good to improve your muscle during exercise

To complete your physical exercise routine, you need nutritious food to feed your muscle with energy. You should selective to pick up some food since it is not every food is healthy. For example, green leafy vegetables, well-cooked meat, eggs, and fruit are good as post-exercise food to replenish nutrients within the body. There is some food that is good for muscle build as follow:

  • Meat (lean and low-fat meat)
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, and eggs)
  • Vegetable (spinach, cauliflower, beets, lettuce, etc)
  • Fruits (Avocado, orange, apricot, palm dates, berries, banana, etc)
  • Nut and seed (almond, hazelnut, pistachio, and soybean)
  • Herb (garlic, turmeric, and ginger)

Consuming this food as pre-workout or post-workout is good to manage the nutrient balance in the body during exercise. There are also supplements if necessary to keep up body need to improve your muscle.


Having a physical exercise routine before the 30s is a good choice to preserve your health. After all, maintaining health is essential for everyone, and neglect leads to health problems like obesity or chronic disease. Some of you may think of heavy or intense training, but simple exercise is enough to do it. Walking and running is the best starter pack for the 30s who want to have an ideal body or prevent the risk of some disease to develop.

Get started to have a physical exercise routine as soon as possible. Moreover, do exercise regularly at a slow pace to warm up and level up the intensity if you are ready for it. Furthermore, Keep your motivation and determination intact with your will. Hopefully, you will get what you want and stay healthy at the same time.


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