Food Combinations That Turn Out Dangerous If Consumed Together


Combining food is an alternative to consuming a variety of foods. Unfortunately, not all food ingredients are suitable to be combined into one food combination. If you just mix food ingredients, your body may experience health problems and even poisoning.

1. Drink Water After Eating

After eating, people usually will drink some water. Either in the form of mineral water or juice. Unfortunately, drinking water after eating has a negative impact on the body, especially on the stomach. Water dilutes stomach acid, so when we drink water after eating, the absorption of nutrients by the stomach is not optimal.

Digestive enzymes in the stomach are less effective at absorbing nutrients from food. Therefore, people better drink water about 10 or 30 minutes before eating so that stomach acid does not become more dilute so that the absorption of food nutrients in the stomach can work optimally.

2. Combination of Fruit and Milk

Enjoying a milk drink mixed with fruit feels delicious. Like for example a milkshake drink or ice mix. In addition to how easy it is to make, the raw materials for making it are not difficult. However, consuming milk mixed with fruit either in the form of drinks or just eating fruit and then drinking milk turns out to have an adverse impact on the body.
This is due to the high protein content in milk. While the fruit has a high acid content. Protein in milk will be bound by acids produced from fruits which then makes food difficult to digest.

3. Milk and Chocolate

Milk and chocolate are considered one of the best combinations of food and drink. Usually the milk and chocolate menu is found in the form of chocolate milk drinks or chocolate ice cream. Unfortunately, milk and chocolate are also not good if consumed together. Because, the calcium content in milk and the oxalic acid content of chocolate will produce a combination of calcium oxalate. If calcium oxalate enters and is digested by the body, the result is that it is difficult for the body to digest it and can even cause diarrhea.

4. Yogurt Mixed with Fruit

Yogurt is a fermented milk that contains good bacteria and helps smooth the digestive process. Yogurt itself basically has a sour taste, so many people consume yogurt with a mixture of fruit to make it richer in taste. However, the sugar content of the fruit will react with the bacterial content of the yogurt. If it enters the body it can cause poisoning, colds, and allergies.

5. Shrimp with Vitamin C

Basically, shrimp cannot be consumed together with vitamin C which can be obtained from lemon juice or orange drinks. Shrimp contains arsenic pentoxide. When this compound meets with vitamin C there will be a chemical reaction in the stomach in the form of arsenic trioxide. This compound is highly toxic. The effects obtained are the liver, heart, kidneys and blood vessels can be damaged. Blood vessels can dilate until a person bleeds, which then causes death.

6. Pasta with Tomato

Pasta is a typical Italian dish made from flour. Variants of the menu of this cuisine vary and are very well known. Pasta is served with tomatoes as a topping or pasta with tomato sauce is a menu that is often encountered.

However, pasta with tomatoes is not the right match for a dish. The acids present in tomatoes can weaken the enzymes in the pasta. This makes pasta difficult for the body to digest properly and actually causes the body to feel tired.

7. Beer and Hamburger

Hamburgers are usually enjoyed together with cold and refreshing drinks. One of them is beer. A hamburger and beer are considered a complementary food package. However, please note that beer and hamburger are not good when consumed together.

Hamburgers themselves have a high fat content each serving. While beer certainly contains alcohol. In the process of digestion of food, the liver is in charge of the process of digestion of food. The liver will break down alcohol first because the alcohol in beer will be detected as toxic to the body.

8. Fruit and Vegetable Combination

Fruits and vegetables are a source of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Consumption of fruits and vegetables every day is also highly recommended to maintain adequate nutritional needs in the body. Surprisingly, eating foods made from a mixture of fruits and vegetables in one menu is actually not allowed.

Fruits and vegetables are two different types of food. The body takes a different amount of time to process fruits and vegetables in the body. Although daily intake of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended, it is better if you eat fruit without vegetables. Consumption of fruits and vegetables at different times and on different menus so that the body can absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables optimally.


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