Best Exercise Routines for Overweight People


An unhealthy lifestyle triggers various kinds of health problems for the body, including weight gain. Excess weight is usually triggered by irregular eating patterns, unbalanced nutrition, or lack of exercise. Therefore, exercise for 15 to 30 minutes per day is important to do.
Nevertheless, for people who are overweight or overweight can’t do any exercise. Thick fat deposits make the body’s joints work harder. It is very dangerous if people with excess weight do sports movements carelessly.

1. Consultation with The Experts

As people with excess weight, physical activity is usually limited. This includes exercising. If you are not careful when doing your exercise routine, unwanted injuries can occur. We recommend that before starting an exercise routine, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor first so that he can find out what activities can be done. Hence, joint injury or bone injury can be minimized. Also, weight loss can run more optimally.

2. Take A Walk

Walking is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of extreme movement. Walking can be done in the morning before the activity or also in the afternoon. This exercise can be done anywhere, such as walking around the house complex for 30 minutes per day. People can do this exercise slowly. Start with 15 to 30 minutes of walking for the first four weeks to get your body used to moving. After that, the duration of the walk can be increased and the distance traveled can also be expanded again. It should be noted, before walking, make sure to keep warming up and cooling down so that the muscles are not shocked.

cooling down so that the muscles are not shocked.

3. Avoid Sports That Harm the Joints

Although people with excess weight are encouraged to exercise, still not just any exercise can be done. Excess weight causes the joints and bones to support more weight than they should. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the exercise that must be done. Avoid activities that focus on joint motion, such as running or jogging. Joints, especially the knee joints, are limbs that are prone to injury, especially for people who are overweight. In addition to avoiding running, also avoid jumping because this activity rests on the knees of the feet.

4. Swimming

The main focus for overweight people in doing exercise is to build routine and consistency. The first step in starting exercise for them is to start with low impact sports. In addition to walking, swimming activities can also be done for those who are overweight.

Because this activity is carried out in water, the intensity of regulating breathing can also be done. Before starting to swim, usually the trainers will teach you breathing techniques in the water. This breathing activity can also be applied in daily activities. Breathing during exercise helps burn calories better.

Swimming is also not too burdensome to the joints. So that injuries to the joints can be minimized. Regular swimming can also improve the performance of the lungs to supply oxygen in the blood so that blood flow runs more smoothly.

5. Cycling

The sport that is safe to do without overloading the joints is cycling. Cycling can be done to increase the intensity of exercise. This activity is effective for burning calories. Cycling is also safe for joints because it is included in low-impact sports. Joints are safer because there is no great stress on the bone joints. Start by building the habit of cycling for 30 minutes 5 days per week at a moderate intensity.

The main key to exercise for people with overweight is consistent. Do step by step regularly. If you do exercise with a high intensity level directly, it will definitely be very dangerous for your body condition. Some of the key points that overweight people need to pay attention to when exercising includes:

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Use clothes that are comfortable to wear, make the body easy to move, and fit on your body. It doesn’t have to be too tight or too loose. Because if you do these two things, you will be endangering yourself. Clothing that is too tight inhibits our breathing so that it makes the body feel tired faster. Even the possibility of blisters due to friction of clothes is also possible.

2. Do The Types of Sports Movements as Needed

Joints are the main and fatal point for overweight sufferers. It is important to research the type of exercise that will be done so that weight loss can run optimally. People with excess weight usually have difficulty breathing. So choose an exercise that is not too tiring so that the exercise can run more optimally. After exercising regularly and consistently building an exercise routine, you can try different types of exercise with a higher intensity. Keep to pay attention to the conditions and needs of each body.


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