19 Best Physical Exercise To Increase Your Height In Your 20s

Best Physical Exercise To Increase Your body Height In Your 20s

Olidhealth.com – Are you worried about your height in your 20s? Don’t worry about it, you could increase it in various ways like eating rich nutrient food or getting a physical routine. Moreover, don’t blame your height caused by gravity, but your bad posture and lack of training could shorten your height or slow down your growth. Proper physical exercise leads to increase height growth. If you have been doing that and still don’t get your ideal height, it may cause by the wrong exercise practice. Keep reading this article to know what best physical activities to promote your height in a short time.

The Factor That Slows Down Your Growth

Bad posture while working could decrease your height

Being short is troublesome and interferes with your activity in some cases. Doing some physical activity to gain your height is good but there is a factor that couldn’t be avoided such as:

  • Gravitation – It will suppress your height as time goes by.
  • Nutrients – Some food may block out essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin D to develop your bones.
  • Hormone – Unbalanced hormone levels within your body may affect your height.
  • Bad posture – Common mistake for younger people that don’t have proper posture while doing the activity or working on the chair for a period of time.
  • Environment – Having a couple of different environments may influence height growth for adolescents.
  • Genes – For this matter, it is hard to have an ideal height, but some therapy might slightly improve your body.

Adults have more experience and are affected by this factor. Because of that, they may have little chance to get taller [1]. However, it is not impossible to try various exercises to improve bone density before your 30s.

Start Exercise Even If You Are In Your Mid-twenty

Having proper physical exercise every week make your height increase

It may hard to start over physical activity since some factors above that couldn’t be avoided. However, as long as you have the determination to suppress your laziness and gain confidence for wanting the ideal height, nothing is impossible to do it. Even if you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, exercise is not only just for increasing height but your muscle and bone could be preserved well. It would be better if you make it a physical routine between your tight schedule before you hit your 30s since this practice also could be a health asset for later ages.

How To Get Taller Faster and Easier

First of all, build your determination to find the best physical exercise for your body. Many ideas and practices make you want to do but are hard to execute. How to get taller also depend on how bad your body condition is. If you lack exercise, try to get simple exercise to warm up your muscle. Below is some physical activity that can you try and may be suitable for your need.

Aerobic Exercise Could Help Gain Ideal Height

These types of training are commonly done for everyone. Despite its simple move, it has many benefits for increasing your height. Moreover, it also could improve your health with increase metabolism, toning your muscle, and enhancing endurance.

Running and Jogging

running and jogging is the best starter exercise to improve your stamina as well as height increase

Fast walking, running, or jogging is good to start to build up your stamina as well as your bone formation. During this exercise, your leg muscle and the joint will contract and relaxation in sequence. Repeating this will improve bone growth and eventually stretch out your leg bone.

Their tips for your to maximize this exercise. First, use shoes for sport, it is important because it is comfortable for long periods of running. Second, do it 2-3 times a week, your height growth depends on how far you can run. Finally, keep it safe and know your limit, For the first time limit your lap and gradually increase it as long as you could hold it up. Running is the easiest thing to promote your height.


cycling has health benefits to make your body fit and maintain bones strength

If you have an old bicycle in your garage, it’s time to get it to shine again. Moving your leg with cycling is good to improve your height. Moreover, Good posture while cycling around your city will decrease shoulder tension and push your stamina efficiently. Kick your pedal with leg strength also improve blood flow, strengthen muscle and make it more flexible. You can do this exercise when you go to the workplace or schedule it at weekend with your family to keep your spirit up.


swimming is water sport that could stretch out your spine and increase your height

Have you wondered why swimmers usually have taller bodies than people who don’t get to swim? They don’t have any secret since swimming actually can increase height by a few inches. This water sport doesn’t get affected by gravity because the water itself has pressure on our bodies.

Trainer commonly suggests doing breaststroke if you want to improve your height. Doing this sport 2-3 times a week in several hours could make your spine longer and strengthen joints and muscles.

If you have tight work time, land swimming can be an alternate choice that is easy doing it at home. All you can do is get a sports mat, lie in the prone position, and do a swimming stroke by stretching your back as high as possible. Practicing this exercise in your free time may help you to gain your proportional height.

Skipping or Jump Rope Exercise

increasing your height can be done by skipping rope

When you are a child, you may do this while playtime with your friend. However, this affordable exercise could stretch out your bone and make you higher. Take your skipping rope and do jump rope with the time set. Repeating jumping at a constant pace could form your back and leg muscles as well as your spine for correcting body posture. To sum up, Skipping is a simple and low-cost exercise to increase your height growth in your 20s.

Jumping Jack

simple exercise like jumping jack could help you gain some height

This is another simple practice that can be done everywhere and every time. How to do a jumping jack is to jump and spread wide your leg while your hand going to be upheld. Then jump again and close up your leg while your hand relaxed on the side body. Repeat this move 15-20 times a day or you can increase the count as you want. Jumping jack is so simple that everyone can do that and help to strengthen your flabby muscle in no time.

Foot Kick Exercise or Tae Kwon Do Kick

a side kick or high kick could stretch out your leg and make you higher

Footwork with a high kick is one of the tae kwon do moves that target the same height as your head. It used to stretch your leg followed up with the hip to make your bone longer. There are two ways for doing this, first is a side kick with rotating your hip while kicking to the ceiling, and the other is an upper kick while keeping your hip stable. Be mindful to place your balance on the sole of your foot since this exercise needs to balance with one foot. As beginners, it’s hard to kick with these high, so modified to your comfortable pace and slowly increase height if you are used to it.

Jump Squat

ombination squats and jumps may help you build up your bone and make it strength

This is a mixed exercise between squats and jumping. Jump squats are moderate-intensity training that is good as a variation of the jumping course set. Moreover, it could build good body posture, strengthen muscle, and promote height growth.

Proper jump squat can be done by forming a squats pose, jumping upward, and safely landing. While doing this, You can make your hand do some workout by holding a barbell or placing it at your head. Keep constraint your jump height and repeat it as long as you want. Don’t force to jump higher since the main purpose is tenacity and durability to build your bone and muscle. Hopefully, this exercise could make you higher than before.

Yoga Pose That Could Stretch Out Your Spine

Yoga practice is commonly used to make your mind clear, control your breath, and relieve stress by doing various positions. Moreover, regular yoga exercise could enhance your muscle and preserve your healthy body [2]. Although the main purpose of this exercise is a spiritual practice, some yoga poses have the benefits to stretch out bone and spine. While doing yoga, you could increase your body height alongside relaxing your mind.

Downward Dog Pose

downward dog pose is a good yoga practice for increasing bone length

This pose can be called Adho Mukha Svanasana in yoga terms. Downward dog pose is good to stretch out your vertebrae, improve blood flow, and build better upper posture. All you can do is place a sports mat, put your sole hand and foot in the mat, and make a ‘V’ shape by strengthening your knee and back as a weighted point. Hold up for a few seconds and if it pain, break it by bending your knee. Holding up this pose could increase your height since it pulls up muscle to the upper and lower body at the same time. Moreover, you can repeat this pose until you get a stable breath rate.

Cobra Pose

you can improve your height by doing cobra pose regularly

This pose is relatively simple and it solely relies on your spine strength to get up. Generally, you can’t help it with your hand, but it is allowable to support body balance. Cobra pose also has another name called Bhujangasana in yoga term. To do this, lie in the prone position and bend your back upward as high as you can without hand aid. Hold up 10-20 seconds and relax.

Regularly doing cobra pose make good posture afterward and improves height growth for adolescence. Moreover, some yoga experts say that this pose could relieve stress and help to treat asthma. If you have mastered this challenge into cobra crescent pose that pulls out your strength to get pose like a crescent with hand goes to the ceiling.

Low Lunge Arch Pose

Low Lunge Arch is a standard yoga poses to stretch out Hip flexor as well as spine to promote bone health

This pose is a standard yoga exercise that you may often see this pose in regular courses. Moreover, the Low lunge arch is known as anjaneyasana in yoga terms. It is balancing your body with one foot in front and bending your hip to make a candle pose with your hand upward. You should switch your foot to balance the stretch on your muscle.

This pose is rather easy than the other two before and relies upon one of your feet as a support point. If you can’t get balance, support it with your hand. This is the simple pose called hip flexor stretch. Both of them have benefits for stretching up your hamstring, knee, and promoting bone growth, especially in the spine.

Glutes Bridge

Glutes Bridge is good for burning belly fat and improve good posture

Glutes bridge pose is a halfway setu bandhasana pose that you can do it repeatedly. To do this pose, firstly, prepare your body in a supine position. Secondly, bend over your knee and place your sole foot with a good grip. And lastly, pull up your hip upward with your strength. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat this pose. If you have a flexible body, you can do a full bridge but it could harm your spine if you don’t have a proper position. Glutes bridge is good to exercise your hip strength and promote your body height while you stretch your spine. This pose is also useful for burning belly fat and improving good posture.

Cat and Cow Pose

keep your good posture by doing cat and cow pose

This yoga pose is another simple move that could help you gain an ideal height in no time. Cat and cow pose also have known as chakravakasana in yoga terms. This pose has two separate poses, first is a cat pose with bending your back downside, then moving to a cow pose that curves your back upward. Repeat it several times and control your breath to get the whole benefit. Moreover, this pose is also good for people with back pain and relieves shoulder tension.

Simple Stretching Exercise For Speed Up Height Growth In No Time

There is also a cheating way to pull up your bone by stretching it. How is that possible? and Is it safe to do that? Well, Actually the main force to do that is gravitation. There is some way to elongate your bone with gravitational force as follow:

Hanging Practices

gravitation makes hanging exercise efficiently to get better body height

All you can do is hang to any bar (or tree branch will do) and pull up your leg so it is not touching the ground. Hold it as long as you can or do pull up and stretched your leg while hanging exercise. Release it if it feels pain, rest a bit, and repeat it several times. This exercise is the best application so far to pull up your spine that will make your body higher. Moreover, gravitation also helps you to increase your height efficiently.

Neck Stretch

Stretch your neck upside and downside Could pull up your vertebrae into the proper position and better chance to get some body height

This trick is also easy to be done at the workplace or at home. Stretch out your neck muscle upside (like looking at the sky) and downside (until the chin touches your chest) for warming up. Next is stretching your neck to side (left to right or vice versa) repeatedly. The last one is to twist your neck by looking at the side with a stable neck. Though this exercise is simple, it has the benefits to relieve shoulder tension as well as improve your body height since the neck is essential as the backbone of the whole body. Don’t push this exercise too hard because it will decline its benefit and strain your neck muscle.

Tip Toe Stretching

tiptoe stretching help regulate blood flow, maintain body's function, and promote good posture

Many people underestimate the benefit of tip-toe stretching. However, the sole of the feet has many pressure points that could help preserve the body’s function. To do this, stand up to the nearest wall, stand on tiptoe, and try to walk while balancing with the wall. Doing this every day could make you stay healthy and promote body height. Moreover, This practice also strengthens the arches and may reduce back pain as well as hip cramps.

Inversion Stretch

backed with an inversion table, it will promote your height in a flash

This exercise is rather costly but its benefit is worth it. Moreover, the main reason to have an inversion table is to improve bone health by elongating the spine and leg with gravitational force. This attempt has the same mechanism as the hanging exercise. However, inversion exercise with a special table is relatively safe to use and increases body height faster than hanging. While your feet are locked into a table, your arms are free, and doing some arm stretching will improve overall benefit. This is a cheating way to get taller in a flash.

Leg Up Wall Stretch

leg up wall stretch is a good start in the morning to increase your height

Leg up wall stretch is a simple yoga pose that has to benefit of relieving leg cramps, reducing stress, improving blood flow, and promoting spine health. This exercise is also good to increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis as well as making your body higher. To perform this exercise, Make sure to have a cushion to hold your hip and balance your body mass while stretching out your leg upward. Starting your day with this practice is also good to stretch out your back and leg after sleep and give a good mood throughout the day.

Calves Stretch

calves stretch help that muscle to elongate and straighten your spine to get good body height

After finishing your running or jogging exercise, complete it with calves stretching to cool down and improve calves muscle. Moreover, this exercise is also good as a bone enhancer to give your ideal height in your 20s by stretching out your back along with your leg. Balance your body with both hands on the wall and one leg as a spring point. Straighten your back up to your other leg like you want to push the wall (sole of feet completely on the ground). Hold for 20 – 30 seconds and switch the leg with the same move.

Side Plank

Side plank and modification side push up also good for increasing muscle strength within your back and improve better posture

Side plank is a good static pose to strengthen your upper arm, shoulder, and back muscle. In fact, this exercise could be modified to side push up. Frequently doing this practice could slightly increase body height, stamina, and promote better posture. Moreover, Side plank is also a good exercise to burn belly fat since abdominal muscle holds body mass while balancing the body.

Follow Up With Consuming Supplements and Healthy Food

keep up your nutrition needs while do some exercise to speed up bone formation and make you higher than before

Even you have intense training to get taller without getting enough nutrition it is meaningless. Food and supplement are also important to supply bone and muscle needs. Moreover, calcium food like milk and green vegetable is essential to bone formation and building up bone density [3]. These are some foods that are good for your bone as follow

  • Lean meat
  • Chicken
  • Beans
  • Almond
  • Quinoa
  • Fortified cereal
  • Calcium supplement

This food also has the benefit to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Keep up your nutrition while doing exercise to gain your ideal body height.


Some people want to have an ideal height that makes them attractive or help them in their daily life. If you are in your 20s, it’s a good start to get some physical exercise to increase your height. A simple physical routine like running, cycling, and swimming is good since you may have some energy to do that.

Moreover, if you have a tight work schedule, Yoga and simple move like hanging and stretching are also fine as long as you have the determination to do it regularly. Furthermore, consume some rich-mineral and protein food that will feed up your bone to grow faster. Some experts may believe that bone doesn’t grow much in the 20s or 30s, but it is still a hope to gain more height for a few inches before you submit to your destiny.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5525132/ – Risk factor of height growth in adolescents and adults.

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