21 Best Nutrient Foods To Build Up Your Bone and Prevent Osteoporosis

Nutritious food for building up bones and preventing osteoporosis

Olidhealth.com – Have you wondered how to get a strong bone like an athlete? They do not just rely on physical exercise only. However, they also need food and supplement that help them to build up their bone. Milk and eggs are a few of the best nutrient food for building your bone. As long as they maintain bone health by consuming calcium-rich food, that food also prevents the risk of osteoporosis.

We know that osteoporosis is a bone disorder that affects people who don’t have enough calcium within their boner. Lack of calcium makes couldn’t keep up the bone’s needs and eventually make it brittle as time goes on. Not only calcium, other vitamins, and mineral also have contributed to maintaining bone strength and prevent against osteoporosis.

Here are various of the best nutritious food that could build up bones health and have protective effects against osteoporosis.


milk contains the highest calcium source than other food that is good for build-up bones and preventing osteoporosis

Milk is known as the best source of calcium. Moreover, it also has other nutrients like fat and mineral. Our body needs specific nutrients in the milk to maintain the body’s function [1]. Furthermore, High calcium content in the milk is good for building up bones and preventing osteoporosis. Consume 1-2 cups of milk (250 ml for each cup) before sleep and early morning to have the best absorption rate and improve sleep quality [2][3].


consuming sliced cheese is important to promote bone health

Cheese is an alternate product of milk that helps to maintain your body keep healthy. Moreover, It also has a good amount of calcium to promote bone health [1]. They’re also rich nutrient substances like protein and fats are present in cheese besides calcium that help metabolism and prevent osteoporosis [4]. You could consume cheese even you have lactate intolerance, but be sure to pick low lactose cheese like cheddar and parmesan with older ages or lactose-free cheese to be safe consumption. This nutritious food could be added with salad and other vegetables to fulfill your daily need.


Collard is rich in vitamin K that is an important component of building bones

These green leafy vegetables are good examples of food that could promote bone health. What could collard do to strengthen bones? Collard has a good source of vitamin K, calcium, and fiber to keep bones needs. Even it doesn’t have much calcium like milk and cheese, vitamin K in collard is essential for bone health since it helps to reduce the bone fracture and build bone strength [5][6]. If you are vegan, consume this vegetable to keep up your calcium level. Process it with steamed or eaten freshly is fine to preserve its nutrition.


Salmon has a high amount of omega-3 fat and vitamin D to help bone formation.

If you want to have more variant calcium food, Salmon is one of the options food for you. Moreover, this nutritious food also has high vitamin D than other food. Vitamin D has an important job to help calcium absorption and aid bone formation [6]. Some studies suggest that adequate vitamin D consumption could prevent osteoporosis [7]. Furthermore, canned fish is also a good source of calcium since it could be fortified. Salmon also has rich omega-3 fat to improve bone and muscle strength [8].

As additional information, salmon contains calcitonin that could treat osteoporosis. However, its users are no longer needed since there are other alternatives and effective medication could cover up calcitonin uses [9].


Orange have rich vitamin C to help calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis

Orange doesn’t have any calcium but It could help strengthen bone health in another way. Vitamin C is abundant in orange that serves as an antioxidant to support calcium absorption. Consuming vitamin C on daily basis also promotes bone density and prevents osteoporosis development, based on a study in 2018 [10]. We suggest eating this sour fruit with milk or other calcium-rich food to maximize calcium absorption and enhance bone health. Taking 1-5 oranges serving a day is enough to keep up your antioxidant level and vitamin needs within your body [11].


Eggs especially in the yolk have a good amount of vitamin D to help build up bones

Every household definitely knows this food and usually being consumed every day. Besides their abundant food source, Eggs are also packed with nutrients and minerals to maintain our bodies. If we related to bone health, eggs are also categorized as a dairy product that has high vitamin D to prevent bone fracture and osteoporosis [6]. Eggs yolk have higher vitamin D content than other parts of it. Consume at least 1 large egg to preserve bone health along with another metabolism. However, limit it to 6 eggs serving a week since too much of it may increase cholesterol levels [12].


vitamin C and K are present in the cauliflower to prevent osteoporosis

This cruciferous vegetable is a good choice to be consumed daily since it contains water, fiber, and rich nutrient. Vitamin K also exists within cauliflower that is good for maintaining bone health [6]. Moreover, vitamin C is also found in cauliflower in moderate amounts as antioxidants and calcium-binding that make it easier to absorb. Regularly eating this vegetable combined with calcium-rich food may reduce osteoporosis risk and strengthen the bone.


Chickpeas are rich in minerals and vitamin K to aid bone formation and prevent osteoporosis

Chickpeas have many benefits for health because they have abundant nutrients and minerals. According to the research in 2016, four tablespoons of chickpeas a day is enough to complete daily needs [13]. Moreover, Essential amino acids are also present in this nutritious food along with calcium and vitamin K. In addition, a certain amino acid also supports promoting bone density and preventing the bone loss that leads to osteoporosis [14].

How to process chickpeas is also important to make it more healthy and preserve its nutrient. Boiling and roasting is the best option to serve this food based on research in 2021 [15].


essential minerals like magnesium and calcium exist in almonds to preserve bone health

Are you bored consuming dairy products every day but you want to have strong bones? Almond is the solution to your food problem. As vegetable food, Almond has a moderate amount of calcium to maintain bones health [6]. Moreover, it also contains vitamin K and magnesium to improve bone density. You can eat this nuts as additional in a salad or combine them with chocolate may taste even better. Almond milk is also an alternate option for people who have lactate intolerant. In a word, This food may help you to prevent osteoporosis and help you preserve bone health.


broccoli is a common cruciferous vegetable that has calcium and vitamin K to improve bone health

To fight osteoporosis and maintain bones density, Broccoli is also a good alternate option as green leaves vegetable substitute. According to the research in 2017, Brocolli has a good amount of vitamin K and calcium which are important to prevent bone fracture and reduce the risk of osteoporosis [6]. Besides that, broccoli also contains high fiber and water to help the digestion tract and maintain guts health. Consuming this vegetable may leave a bad odor, but frequently eating this on your diet will help you to gain bone strength and support your health as well.


apricot have high nutritious to prevent osteoporosis

Apricot may be considered a superfood since it has rich nutrients. In general, apricots contain essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium to promote body health. Moreover, it also has vitamin C and K that good to enhance bone density [5][10][16]. You can consume this fruit in fresh that is rich in vitamin and water content, or it’s dried one that has concentrated nutrition in one bite.


honey have benefit to help bone growth and reducing risk of osteoporosis

Honey is the best additional food that could be combined in various dishes and cuisine. Moreover, This viscous food is reported to have many benefits for health besides its sweet flavor. In bone and muscle cases, honey could protect the bone against osteoporosis by its antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties [17]. If you combine milk and honey, it will be the best combination food because calcium in milk helps to build up bone density, and beneficial properties in honey help bone grow and preserve it. Although it is safe to be consumed, some people may have an allergic reaction to raw honey. be mindful to pick your food to maintain your health.


Asparagus contains vitamin K to strengthen bone

Asparagus can be called a herb and a vegetable depending on its uses for health. This nutritious food has a crispness and crunchy taste if you have properly cooked it. Moreover, Asparagus is known to have a high content of vitamin K and a small amount of calcium [18]. It is good for build-up bone formation and making it strong. Adequate vitamin K also could protect bone from osteoporosis. Make this food as your dietary diet may help you to have healthy bone and muscle.

Pumpkin seed

pumpkin seeds have a good source of magnesium to improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Pumpkin seeds have pros and cons if you link them to bone health. A study in 2019 found that this seed doesn’t have calcium but has a high amount of magnesium and iron [19]. This mineral also contributes as a component of bone formation and improves bone growth as well as prevents osteoporosis [20]. On the other side, pumpkin seeds also have a downside. Phytates exist within pumpkin seeds that could suppress calcium absorption. However, some cooking tips may break down phytates compounds. Soaking overnight and cooking it with moderate heat will reduce this compound. Cook it before you consume it may help you to get enough minerals to prevent osteoporosis at a later time.


Yogurt contains calcium to build up bones

Yogurt is categorized as a dairy product since its also derived from milk and fermented. This nutritious food is also good for protecting the stomach gut and stabilizing biotics within it. Moreover, This drink contains calcium to strengthen bone [6]. Some studies suggest that consuming yogurt combined with milk has benefits for reducing bone fracture and increasing bone density [21].

This food is also a good calcium source for older people than 60 years. According to a study in 2017, yogurt consumption for older people could improve their bone density [22]. So, take this food to maintain your bone youth. Good bone will prevent osteoporosis to develop within your bones.


kale is high in vitamin K and calcium to keep bones stay healthy

Calcium is important for maintaining bone health. Usually, you obtain calcium from milk but this green leaf vegetable also has it. Along with other green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, kale also has a good amount of calcium to keep bone healthy [6]. Moreover, Kale contains vitamin K to help the bone formation and protect against osteoporosis [23]. This nutritious food is good as salad and it’s safe to be consumed in daily diet.


soybean contain a good amount of calcium but its protein may have a downside for bone health

In the Asian region, This food is common in form of milk, tofu, tempeh, and many more. Moreover, soybean especially has a good protein source that could replace animal protein. It also has a high amount of calcium, vitamin K, and other minerals to strengthen the bone and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis [6]. Fermented products of soybean are also reported to have a good effect on osteoporosis prevention [24].

However, it also has a downside for some soy species. Some studies still find out soy protein for our bones health. It may have a side effect to increase osteoporosis risk but is still debatable since it just has a relation with estrogen hormone [25]. To make it clear, we suggest consuming this food alongside other calcium-rich food that could enhance mineral absorption and help bone stay healthy.

Red Cabbage

red cabbage is food with a complete nutritional source for preserving bone health

In general, this cabbage is the red version of green cabbage but both of them have benefits for preserving bone health. Red cabbage is a good antioxidant source since it contains anthocyanin within red-colored pigment. A study in 2021 says that anthocyanins have a promising benefit to help reduce osteoporosis risk [26]. Besides that, Vitamin C, A, and K are also present in red cabbage along with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and manganese [6][27]. This healthy food is good to be consumed every day. Make it salad and it doesn’t have any side effects in large consumption.


certain polyphenol within berries could prevent bone loss

In general, Berries have high in vitamin C and flavonoids as antioxidants and anti-inflammation to protect cells against free radicals. However, these compounds also contribute for build up bone density and preventing bone loss [28]. Berries also have anthocyanin that may have the benefit to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and maintaining bone strength [26]. If you want to add berries to your diet, strawberry and blueberry are commonly found in the marketplace. However, they’re also edible berries that you might doesn’t know it. Check another article about edible berries that have good nutrients for your health.

Sunflower Seed

sunflower seeds have a good amount of magnesium to protect the bone against osteoporosis

This small sunflower seed surprisingly has high nutritious content such as minerals and fats that are good for bone health. Based on a study in 2012, Sunflower seeds contain a high amount of magnesium and a small amount of iron and calcium [29]. Moreover, some phenolic and flavonoids also exist within this seed may have benefits for protecting bone cells again oxidative stress [30]. Although it needs further research for sunflower uses in bones health. However, its magnesium content is enough to strengthen bone density against osteoporosis risk.


sardines are rich in vitamin D to help calcium absorption and support bone formation

Sardines are also being recommended as a vitamin D source for lowering bone fracture and helping calcium absorption [6]. Moreover, this nutritious fish also contain calcium and omega-3 fat if this fish is processed first into canned fish. This fat also helps bone formation and reduces the risk of osteoporosis [8]. You can process it with low heat to secure its nutrient. Besides that, avoid roasted sardine since it could make carcinogenic compounds within it.



Milk and cheese are calcium-rich food that is good for build-up your bones and preventing against. However, milk is not only the way to obtain calcium. Other food like almond and green leafy vegetables is a good source of calcium. Moreover, vitamin C, D, and K are also important to carry calcium and improve its absorption. Balance your diet with certain minerals and vitamins could strengthen your bone and reduce the risk of osteoporosis at a later time.


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