Quick Way To Get Rid Of Pimples Painlessly

Quick Way To Get Rid Of Pimples Painlessly

Olidhealth.com – Getting pimple in adolescence is commonly occur because certain excess hormone could make them appear. As time goes on, it may get bigger, would create puss, redness, and make them less confident along with uncomfortable in the skin. There are various ways how to get rid of pimples before they get painful and irritated. Some medication or herbal remedies may relieve it in no time. Check this article to know more about pimples and how to deal with them painlessly.

What Is a Pimple?

Pimple is acne symptom that commonly appear in young people

Commonly, the pimple is a symptom of acne disease that makes skin redness, rash, and bumping skin. It is caused by clogged skin pores or build-up sebum or puss under the skin. Sometimes it can be pop up by itself and gradually recover. However, in a serious case, that build-up is infested by bacteria and becomes boils [1].

Adolescence and young people often get pimples followed by increased reproduction hormones. However, some people also don’t get it since pimples could occur depending on their hormone level.

How Fast Pimple Can Be Healed?

In some cases, pimples appear in clusters or single bumps filled with watery or puss. It may deflate easily in 1 week but it would relapse. Commonly, pimple treatment needs 4 – 6 weeks to be completely removed. How long it can be treated depends on your body’s needs. Condition like hormonal issues, unhygienic lifestyle, and impaired liver and kidney to filter blood may affect pimple treatment.

Home Remedies to Relieve Pimple Swelling

Home remedies such as apply ice cube to get rid of acne naturally

Sometimes, pimples can worsen along with time if don’t get treatment. Painfully if being touched and swelling is a common symptom of pimple development. Some homemade remedies may relieve its symptom naturally such as:

Ice Patch For Pimple

As first aid to calm down inflamed pimples, an ice pack could be the solution. Place it to swelled pimple and it will reduce pimple pain by freezing the nerve near the pimple. Compress with gentle pressure to relieve the swelling for a few minutes until it is painless. This attempt doesn’t take out pimples and just slow down their swelling. Apply anti-inflamed and antibacterial cream that could fasten up the pimple and deflate it.

Wash Your Face With Warm Water

Though this attempt to keep your skin moist, it also removes excess sebum that prevents clogged pore and reduce irritation within the pimple. Use delicate soap to improve its effectiveness to get rid of pimples quickly. Moreover, warm water could help open up the clogged pores on the skin and release their puss naturally.

Herbal Products May Reduce Pimple Pain

Herbal remedies like essential oil application in the skin to relieve pimple painless

To treat pimple or acne, you could reduce its spread or fasten recovery time by keeping your skin moist and hydrated. Although simply washing your face regularly is not enough to get rid of pimples. There are herbal remedies that may help to relieve pimples naturally.

Tea Tree Oil As Tuner

This oil is commonly used to treat pimples or preventive acts to keep skin healthy. Moreover, tea tree oil contains salicylic acid and has other benefits to treat psoriasis, infection, reduce oily skin, and maintain skin moisture. How to use this oil depend on your pimple state. Generally, tea tree oil mixed with a certain carrier oil (2 drops tea tree oil for 12 drop carrier oil its fine). Day and night use of this mixture may speed up removing pimples from your body. Other essential oil also good to relieve pimples such as lavender oil and peppermint oil. However, be careful to avoid skin wounds during applying it. Furthermore, don’t overuse it since it may have comedogenic effects that worsen your pimple instead of healing it.

Honey and Cinnamon Mixture For Facial Mask

Honey has beneficial properties to fix dryness on the skin and cinnamon has anti-inflammation to relieve the swelling of pimples. A mixture of these items and applied to your face as a face mask is good to treat pimples quickly and maintain their moisture. Moreover, Honey also has benefits to our health. Check another article to know its function if you eat it regularly.

Medical Treatment If Pimple Gets Worse

Medical remedies like salicylate and cortisone cream to reduce pimple swelling

If your pimple becomes uncontrollable and worsens, medical treatment with some medication could help to get rid of pimples efficiently. However, this treatment may have side effects if don’t properly use [2]. Be careful to apply this medication and ask the nearest dermatologist if getting worsens.

Cortisone Injection For Worse Pimple Development

If your swollen pimple gets worse by infection, a dermatologist may suggest getting a cortisone injection. The procedure will be handled by a doctor specialist and it will be painless. The cyst of pimple injected with cortisone will decrease swelling over time.

Benzoyl Peroxide Cream For Reduce Pimple Infection

For acne treatment, this cream can be categorized as an over-the-counter medicine for early-stage acne. Benzoyl peroxide has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial agents to reduce or prevent infection in pimples. Moreover, this medication could remove any excess oil and sebum on the skin. If you want to use this, avoid direct sun exposure and also use sun protection cream since this cream can increase skin sensitivity against UV rays.

Aspirin to reduce pimple swelling

Besides aspirin could relieve migraine, it also could reduce swelling. All you can do is crushed some aspirin tablets and make them paste by adding little warm water. Apply it to pimples and it will soothe the skin. Aspirin contains a salicylate compound that can reduce excess oil on the skin. Moreover, salicylate has an anti-inflammation effect to quickly reduce swelling. This method is rather safe if you can make sure to keep sanitated while doing this.

Salicylate acid Cream To Relieve Inflammation

As we mentioned before in aspirin tablets, Salicylate acid is also present in cream and tonic. Moreover, this compound also exists in some make-up as an additional ingredient to prevent acne. However, choose wisely to your skin since every individual has their skin condition. Do a patch test to know how your skin will react to the cream. If it doesn’t change any side effects, you can apply it to help get rid of pimples [3].

Don’t Do These If You Want To Get Rid of Pimples Faster

Popping pimple with hand without expert concern could worsen the swelling

There are ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ to make sure your skin gets healthy soon and treat pimples properly. Avoid these matters if you want to heal pimples quickly and not leave any mark on them.

Don’t Pop Up Pimples By Force

It’s tempting to touch and pop up something, the pimple is also no excuse. However, forcefully pup up an unmatured pimple doesn’t deflate it and it becomes swelling even more. Bacteria on your nail may invade your pimple and make it worse. Hold your urge to touch it and apply ice or cream to relieve irritation.

Don’t Use Make-up That Make Your Skin Dryness

Some tuners or moisturize may have an effect to take care of your oily skin. However, too much using these also could make your skin overdry. Certain tuners have the effect to absorb oil skin vigorously that could worsen pimples. Be mindful to know your skin and do skin patches to determine how dry your skin it will be if you use the toner.

Don’t Use Comedogenic Make-Up

It is not bad to use natural oil for your skin, but some of them may have a comedogenic effect on your skin. This effect means clogging your skin pore and making it susceptible to get acne or pimple. All you can do is examine the ingredient in your natural oil product like coconut oil, almond oil, etc. Check on the comedogenic list and tune down its uses to improve pimple treatment.

Preventive Way To Make Pimple Disappear

Keep hygiene could prevent infection and risk of pimple appear on your skin

Though adolescents and young people mostly get pimples, it could be prevented in certain ways. In general, pimples appear in the skin caused by excessive sebum, clogged pore that make it swollen, or certain infections that infest within pores. Reducing sebum by regularly cleaning your oily skin will reduce pimples happen. Besides that, there are tips to prevent pimples emerge on your skin again.

Maintain Your Skin Hygiene

Pimples more likely appear in the face, but the certain cases they also could appear in the neck, chest, or even in the back. To reduce it, thoroughly clean your body with soap. Moreover, face skin is delicate, so use mild cleaning soap for typical face skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water also good to reduce excess sebum on your skin.

Maintain hygiene also know when you touch your face and other things to prevent bacteria infesting your face. Trim your nail frequently, wash your hair during bathing, and if necessary use antiseptic (for hand only) to limit bacteria infection.

Properly Change Your Clothes As Well as Bed and Pillow Cover

A place like a bedroom may trigger pimples if you don’t regulate change its cover. During the sleeping time, your body may sweat and it would become a bacteria breeding place. Change and wash bed cover along with pillow cover 1-2 times every two weeks. Don’t wait for your cover until it has sweat smelly. That odor means your bedsheet is infested with bacteria and immediately changes it before it happens.

Stay Hydrated

Getting enough water could prevent pimples to happen. Why? Firstly adequate bodily fluid limit skin oil production that trigger pimple. Secondly, water acts as a natural detoxication to bring out the malicious substance and protect the skin from the inside. Lastly, help the skin to stay moist and prevent dryness. In summary, drinking enough water is important for both your skin as well as your body. Moreover, moist skin also could prevent sunburn to happen. Read our article about how to treat sunburn that may have beneficial info for you.


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