6 Ways To Overcome Insecurity And Build Solid Self-Esteem To Happier Life

6 ways to overcome insecurity

Olidhealth.com – It is normal that we feel down at some points and moments in our life. But, if you feel lack of confidence and put yourself down all the time, it will affect your mental health. We have to recognize our feeling and do really know when we are sad. But the most important thing is to take action and recover that bad feeling to improve our mindset to a happier life. We all know, everyone one of us grows older from time to time, and when we reach the stage of adulthood. In fact, there will be lots of obstacles we need to face!

Having uncomfortable feelings emotionally may come from various causes. For instance, having a job atmosphere that drags us down, being in the unsupported people surrounding us, or we have to deal with a lover that breaks our heart into pieces. These are just some of the sample cases of feeling not good that can lead us to dangerously risk insecurity levels. If we cannot handle it soon that will be a hazardous thing that could affect our mental health! Alright, in this writing, we will share and discuss mental health issues and makes us aware of the point of discussion. More than that, we will fix the problem by figuring out the best way to overcome the feeling of insecurity!

What does insecurity mean?

Before we dig into solutions to overcome insecurity down below, let us know what actually does insecurity means? It is the feeling that makes us not good enough that leads us into serious anxiety, so we need to pay attention and figure out how to fix it. Insecurity is derived from the word of insecure (the opposite feeling of secure). When we feel insecure that will affect our mental health and even physical health. So, we need to recognize the symbol of the insecurity level, when you feel it, let’s try to overcome the feeling of insecurity through 6 helpful ways to set your mindset that could lead you to feel secure and happy life!

Value and love yourself first!

overcome insecurity by loving ourselves first

As the Greek Philosopher said that human is social animal. None of us are stable being alone and doing everything on our own only. We need interaction, helping, and being helped by each other to survive. We cannot deny that we are living as social creatures. Building a strong happy family, and creating a matter of friendship circumstances will lead us into happier people. But, more than that, we also have to recognize ourselves as individual ones.

Taking care of our bodies and mind is our own duty. There is no one who could change your bad feeling other than yourself. So, the first tip on building solid self-esteem are loving yourself and valuing your presence that you are worth enough to a good life. Let’s believe in ourselves, love ourselves, and never let ourselves down by the hate comment or bad situation that could drag us down. Creating a strong foundation from your own mindset that you are worth and able to grow well in society is fundamental. So, boys girls, men, and women out there let’s embrace our self-love will heal insecurity.

Face the fear and tell ourselves that we could handle it!

face the fear to overcome insecurity

The second way to overcome insecurity is to face the fear you have and just take massive action out of your comfort zone. For instance, you feel comfortable in your job now, but the Chief Executive Officer gives you the job beyond your limit. Don’t let this situation drag you down too much time. If you think that this job is worth enough for you, let’s break your limit and work harder to prove that you are worth it and clever to handle it all. Being sad at some point is fair for you. Giving the time for your mind and soul to feel what you feel, be honest to yourself, and cry when you need it. Sometimes, we need to cry to relieve the pain inside, that is okay. Take your sad time but then say to yourself I’m going to be stronger than ever and I’m ready to face every obstacle in my job and some part of life! When you believe in yourself and start to work harder that will make you unstoppable and get better through time!

Removing bad thoughts

The bad thoughts are demons in your mindset. So, let’s remove all the bad thoughts in our minds. Sometimes, we spend a lot of time and thinking about what is going to happen next, thinking something bad happen that might not exist. The bad thought is something that could lead you down, and finally, you fall into the insecurity stage. So, right now let say and think about something good that will happen to us. Just remove all negative thoughts in your mind!

Laugh it off to embrace the awkward!

self-esteem to overcome insecurity

A powerful action we can do to face insecurity is to break the awkward situation. When your friends make jokes and that is actually a funny joke. Just laugh it off! You don’t have to control what you feel inside for too long. Just show it off and be naturally who you are. Be confident and think that you are worth it in the society around you, let’s embrace yourself and be one together with the people around you. When you need to laugh in the right case, just laugh it off!

Embrace yourself with joy and do what you really love

How to gain confidence and get rid of insecurity inside us? Simply, we have to be true to ourselves, do what we like to do, and self-pampering. After school or work, sometimes we feel so much tired, let’s pamper ourselves by having a spa or taking a break at the point we need it. Charge your energy by doing something you love for such have a laidback day at the sprawling ocean or maybe reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate. Doing anything that makes you feel pampered as much as you can do. After you do something that makes you feel good, the energy is back! And you are ready to face life and what comes next to you!

Approve growth mindset

Set in our mind that every problem makes us stronger and helps us grow. We don’t have to be afraid of the failure that we had experienced before. Let us be wise to ourselves that every one of us did mistakes, but we believe bad experience helps us to learn and grow to be a better version of ourselves. Self-healing is needed to become and feel secure in our social life. Let’s approve growth mindset which is really helpful to get rid of insecurity inside of us!

Final thoughts

What is insecurity? It is the anxious feeling inside of us about the person or situation. We believe every one of us even at the stage of being insecure, whether it’s personal, professional, or in a relationship. We consider that being insecure for a long time will make that person fall down. So, then we have to recognize a moment we feel insecure, it’s okay to feel it sometimes. But, don’t let this feeling rush your mind and end it up let yourself down. We don’t want that to happen! However, in this writing, we have discussed 6 ways to overcome insecurity. Each point is crucial to be understood, and we hope we all learn together to overcome this bad feeling of insecurity and start to build solid self-esteem, love yourself, and value who you are to have a happy life!


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