12 Healthy Facts About Avocadoes That Actually Good For Children

fact about avocado that actually good for children

Olidhealth.com – Parents likely give the best food to their children, especially babies and toddlers. Both of them are come to ideal times for having adequate nutritious food that important for their development. If you are puzzled about how to get the right food for your children, Avocadoes are the right answer for that.

This buttery and greeny fruit is the best food for children since it is rich in nutrition. Not only the fact that avocado is nutritious, but it is also good in any meal, and children mostly like it in smoothies or juices. Apparently, there are also some facts about avocado that are genuinely beneficial for children’s health. So, we summarize some details about this particular fruit in this article. Don’t miss it and read thoroughly to increase your information about avocado for your children.

Nutrition List Of Avocados

Total Protein 1.0 gr
Total Fiber3.4 gr
Total Fat7.4 gr
Total Sugar0.3 gr
Total Carb4.3 gr
Total Calory80 kcal
General Nutrition list of avocado-based on USDA.

If we look at the content of avocado, we will find this fruit is one of the superfoods that are genuinely good for toddlers and preschool children. The table on the right side is a nutrition list that is based on one NLEA (Nutrition Labeling and Education Act) of avocadoes (around 50 grams serving) [1].

At glance, Avocado has more fat and carb content while little total sugar is also on it. You may be slightly concerned about fatty acid value, but for the most part, it is contained unsaturated fatty acid that is unbelievably high (take 79% of total fat on avocado). This type of fat is more healthy than saturated fat. Some research also finds that avocados carry beneficial fat such as stigmasterol, campesterol, and Beta-sitosterol. These fat are good for children because they could reduce the risk of heart disease at an early age. Furthermore, Other food facts and content of avocado that are actually good for children like vitamins and minerals are explained in the next section of this article.

Fact about nutrition value of avocado for children

Vitamin Value of Avocado For Children

There is a summary of vitamin values based on 50 grams serving of avocado with a Recommendation Daily Value [1].

Type of VitaminQuantityDaily value for 1-3 years* Daily value for 4-8 years* [2]Daily value for 9-14 years* [2]
Vitamin A73.0 IU7% DV5% DV4% DV
Vitamin B1
34.0 μgr7% DV6% DV4% DV
Vitamin B2
65.0 μgr13% DV11% DV7% DV
Vitamin B3
870.0 μgr14% DV11% DV7% DV
Vitamin B5
(Pantothenic Acid)
695.0 μgr35% DV23% DV17% DV
Vitamin B6129.0 μgr26% DV21% DV13% DV
Vitamin B9
40.5 μgr27% DV20% DV13% DV
Vitamin C5.0 mgr33% DV20% DV11% DV
Vitamin E1.0 mgr16% DV14% DV9% DV
Vitamin K10.5 μgr35% DV19% DV17% DV

*According to Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets (DSFS) on all vitamin subjects.

Avocadoes don’t have vitamin B12, but vitamin D can be obtained when it is converted to oils.

Mineral Value of Avocado For Children

There are some essential minerals in avocado that is important to know. Below are mineral values based on USDA and compared with the daily value on 50 grams servings of Avocado according to NLEA [1].

Type of MineralQuantityDaily value for 1-3 years* Daily value for 4-8 years* [2]Daily value for 8-13 years* [2]
242.0 mgr12% DV10% DV10% DV
14.5 mgr18% DV11% DV6% DV
275.0 μgr4% DV3% DV 3% DV
320.0 μgr11% DV6% DV4% DV
95.0 μgr28% DV22% DV14% DV

*According to DSFS on all mineral subjects.

Besides that table, there are other minerals like calcium, manganese, and phosphorus, yet they have a small amount based on %DV.

Food Safety About Avocado For Children

Food safety about avocado for children

Fact about the benefits of avocado is vastly known for adults, but it may be different for children. However, it is utterly safe for children based on the quantity and how old is it. Some pediatricians may suggest your child eat avocado as their first meal. Since it is sugar-free and has a creamy texture, new moms would give avocadoes to their babies. If you want to try it, wait until your babies are at least 6 months old to be safe. Around that age, your baby could be hype to try to eat something with barehand and mashed avocado is great for them.

Even though avocado is also safe for toddlers and children, there is still little concern about the fat quantity of this fruit. Too much of it may have a bad side since overconsuming something is usually bad for health, but the fat content on avocado actually good for children because it healthy type of fat and contribute to empowering child to grow faster.

The Benefit Fact of Avocadoes for Children

According to the nutrition value of avocadoes, it truly has magnificent nutrition for children. The detail of nutrition value is shown below after this section if you are interested in it. Moreover, This browny fruit with green flesh on the inside are great for babies’ first meal without any side effect on it. As a parent, you don’t want to miss this fruit since it is also rich in folate and several nutrients that are beneficial for their growth, managing body weight, and even preventing cancer [3]. Furthermore, there is some fact about avocado we should know to improve their health at later ages.

Avocadoes Improve Brain Development In Your Kid

Child getting idea because avocado consumption

Picking the best food for children, especially for infants or toddle who come into the transitional feeding period is not easy. Apple, banana, and peach could be a candidate for a child’s first food, but it also contains sugar and doesn’t cover all of the nutrients. A study finds that avocados have less sugar with many nutrients like flavonoids, carotenoids, and good fatty acids to improve a baby’s health as well as enhance brain development [4]. In the first place, babies need adequate lutein for brain development since most brains are full of carotenoid substances. So, avocadoes have rich in carotenoids that also could promote brain health and make your children smarter.

Protect Children’s Skin From Excessive UV Radiation

Children like to play around and commonly go outside their house. Adventuring is their natural way to explore the world with their hand. However, their young ages don’t have much protection, especially on their skin. Sun burning caused by UV radiation commonly happens and becomes rash with redness symptom if your child lack melanin. So, before you give supplements to your child, try to supply them with healthy food like avocado.

Avocado is believed to have vitamin A, C, and E that is essential to make melanin. Moreover, according to dermatologists, vitamin E is good for protecting skin from UV radiation [5]. On top of that, this healthy fruit may reduce the risk of measles because it contains adequate vitamin A to prevent it happen at later ages. Give your children some avocado to maintain their skin health while protecting them against sunlight.

Enhance Body Immunity Against Pesky Free Radicals And Infection

the fact about avocado contain antioxidant is true

Toddler and preschool children are likely to have fun with their surroundings. If something gets their attention, the first thing they do is eat it. Yes, it’s their natural way to know the bad or good about the object they are interested in it. As parents, we may not actually monitor them all the time, and some pesky microorganisms that produce free radicals could slip into their mouths. To protect them against this infection, avocado contains vitamin C and E to boost immunity and help to eliminate free radical scavengers.

Some research finds that lutein and zeaxanthin also contribute to stimulating the immune system that preventing disease development [6]. Avocados have both of these compounds that could be converted into vitamin A. In addition, minerals such as zinc and copper also exist in this fruit that could be used for infection prevention [7]. Although other fruit may have these substances, avocado packs all of these nutrients, so it is more convenient to process it for their routine meal. If you are interested in food that contains antioxidants to fight free radical scavengers, we also make an article in a separate section.

Prevent Obesity At An Early Age With Mashed Avocadoes

avocado could prevent obesity on children

Obesity may be related to an unbalanced diet that could lead to another disease such as diabetes. Well, children rarely have diabetes unless certain condition disturbs insulin production, but obesity is fairly known regarding age and gender. Toddlers with chubby cheek and body are cute and adorable, yet too much weight is not safe for them. Control their meal with avocado may be an effective way for that.

Mashed avocados contain fat and fiber that could slow down the metabolism and make the belly full longer. Even though fat is the main weight problem, avocados have plant fat commonly called phytosterols and unsaturated fatty acids that are considered good for losing weight. Moreover, magnesium in avocado also could reduce the risk of obesity as well as diabetes. There are some limitations to the obesity study and its relevant consumption of avocado in children, but in an adult case, average people on avocado consumption have less weight than the non-consumable [8]. so try to familiarize this beneficial food as their optional meal.

Promote Mood And Reduce The Risk of Psychiatric Disorders

children slurping avocado juice

Avocados could be the best superfood for children since they could affect their mood. you may not realize it, but in some cases, your children could have anxiety or not feel well with their friends. Their mood is usually unstable and parents are sure how to react on that matter. In adult cases, there are some food and drink that actually good for mood boosters, but children may have limitations. So, the option is vegetable or fruit with that properties. Avocado is a kind of superfood that may stabilize their mood because folate in avocado also contributes to preventing depression and autism early age [9].

Moreover, Omega-3 also in avocados could control mood and brain activity to stay positive. As for psychiatric disorders like autism, Avocado is good enough for those who have these conditions. there is some food restriction for autism such as sugary food that might worsen them. However, avocado has less sugar, and additionally, it has zinc that could be controlled since autism are have high zinc levels [10].

Consuming Avocado Could Boost Eye Health

One typical organ that actually the most important in the eyes. Yes, it is very important to see around your body and need more attention for its nutrition need. Actually, maintaining eye health is simple. Consuming food with high natural compounds for the eyes such as vitamin A and keeping it clean is one thing. However, food like carrots is less to be liked by children. So, try to give them smoothie avocado. In fact, This fruit also contains vitamin A as well as vitamin C and E to protect the eye while improving better eyesight [3]. The eyes are usually prone to free radical scavengers and antioxidant food is also good to protect eye cells from that. Moreover, avocado could be a healthy meal to prevent age macular degeneration at later ages [11].

Improve Heart Health By Eating Avocado Regularly

Avocado good for children by improve heart health

Are children vulnerable to heart problems even though they are still young? Well, in some cases underdeveloped infants with cesarean could have a high risk of that. The irregular condition also could trigger the heart attack symptom for no reason. Since cardiac disorders could be inherited, you should be wary of their food if you have a relative with that condition. To fix that, healthy food like avocado as early introduction food is the best to reduce the risk of heart disease and is easy to make it.

If we describe how magnificent avocado is, it contains nutrients that are essential for the heart. For instance, avocado is rich in folate and vitamin B complex to balance homocysteine levels in the cardiovascular system [12]. Moreover, essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium also could reduce blood pressure and maintenance blood flow. Niacin and some good fatty acid like phytosterols in avocado also contribute to reducing cholesterol levels within the blood vessels [13]. Despite some studies doesn’t directly relate to children, they have good relevance to how good avocado is for children’s health.

The Nutrient On Avocado Is Easy To Digest

avocado have soft texture and good for toddler

Many pediatricians suggest that avocados are great for babies as their first meal. Why? The main reason is the vitamin B5 content that resides in avocado. Vitamin B5 is good to help metabolize fat and carb into energy. Furthermore, this vitamin also contributes to helping children that have nutrient deficiency [14]. Besides avocado, other food such as eggs and vegetables also contain this vitamin, but it may be hard for them at first. Moreover, avocados are also a good source of fiber despite it have creamy form that is easy to be mashed. The new mom can scope the flesh by spoon and make puree from it also good as a spoon practice for babies. So, the fact about avocado is one of the best food for babies and toddler is true and we recommended to eat this magnificent fruit.

Prevent Anemia And Promote Physical Health

improve body strength by eating avocado

Anemia commonly happens in women but is rarely seen in children because their blood production is related to their meals. Food with high iron elements could provide more red blood cells and also contribute to overall health. Children who have an anemic problem are usually suggested to take supplements to replenish red blood cells. If you want alternative choices, you can give healthy food that could increase red blood cell count such as avocado. Despite avocado having a little amount of iron, it contains more folate that could boost red blood cell production at an early age.

Since blood cell count is also related to physical health, maintaining its function by consuming healthy food is a must. To fill your children’s plate, avocado is also good in this matter. Avocados have amino acids such as arginine and lysine in small amounts that could help to promote growth rate [15]. Giving them avocado may help them to prevent anemia as well as enhance their physical build for sure.

Help With Blood Cloth And Preserve Liver Health

Phylloquinone or Vitamin K1 actually essential for children’s health since it responds to blood cloth effectively if your child gets a wound. Fast-respond blood cloth would improve recovery in that place. Since children are commonly hyperactive and prone to get hurt. You can provide adequate vitamin K1 by encouraging them to eat avocado [3]. Despite the recommended daily value of these vitamins being relatively low and abundant in green leafy vegetables, avocado can cover 17-35% DV in a 50-gram serving. So it is unbelievably high for fruit to have this amount.

Moreover, vitamin K1 and phytosterol like stigmasterol also existed in this fruit to preserve liver health by managing cholesterol levels. This is great since mom couldn’t hold the children’s appetite and try food they like. Regularly preparing avocado as their side dish is good to stabilize fatty acid content and keep their body healthy from the inside.

Improve Healthy Bone And Muscle By Consuming Avocadoes

improve bone health by eating avocado

Milk and egg provide more calcium to the bone and increase the density to make it stronger. Children need that mineral that is essential for their growth. However, it is not just calcium that could improve bone health, but certain vitamins and minerals are also important for bone and muscle. Even though avocadoes have a small amount of calcium, they contain other nutrients that can replace calcium function to maintain bone health. In fact, vitamin K on avocado is roughly 40% DV on a 50-gram serving and it is good for bone development as well as maintaining blood pressure [16]. Moreover, this beneficial food also contains magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and copper also help lower the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer In Later Years

avocado juice contain anti-cancer properties for children and adult

Consuming avocado in moderate amounts regularly may have a huge impact on toddler health, especially when they grow up. Older children tend to eat food regarding it is healthy or not. They couldn’t control what they eat as long as it’s yummy and has an attractive shape on it. Some food may be considered safe, but unbalanced nutrition can disturb the body. Moreover, greasy and grilled food may have carcinogenic compounds that lead to health problems such as cancer. To prevent that, avocado is claimed to have anti-cancer properties for that.

In general, avocados contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E that contribute to suppressing cancer development [17]. Furthermore, lutein on this particular fruit is used to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Another study also finds that protein and fat in avocados have a potential effect on gastrointestinal problems like oral and larynx cancer [3]. Because of these facts, avocado is actually the best food for children to keep their bodies stay healthy.

Avocados Benefit For Pregnant Moms And Babies

Supply avocado while there is still in the fetus since it is incredibly good for them. In the first place, Avocado contains 13-27% DV per 50 gram serving of folate to reduce the risk of a defect in the fetus. In some references, avocados claim to be a superfood since they have complete nutrients for babies [4]. Folate is also truly essential for fetus development. Some studies suggest that pregnant women need adequate folate to ensure babies’ health, but the supplement is not necessary [18]. Since folate must be required in natural products, there is some food that is actually good for pregnant women and we summarize it in another article.


Avocado is the best food for children because of its complete nutrient for their development. For instance, folate is abundant within avocado, and antioxidants such as vitamin A and C are also good for enhancing immunity. Consuming this beneficial fruit every day is fine with a moderate amount. If your child doesn’t like it, you can transform it into smoothies, juices, or homemade popsicles to mix with their side meal. Puree avocado is also fine for babies who want to learn spoon-feeding. So, make avocado into your meal list for children to improve their health.


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