8 Type of Eye Infections Including Symptoms and Treatment (With Picture)

types of eye infection including causes, symptom, and treatment (with picture)

Olidhealth.com – The eye is an important organ that has a soft surface and direct contact with the environment. Because of that, the eye surely has ultimate protection like eyelids with fast reflection against the unknown object and tear to keep the eyes from dryness. Although it has many defensive functions, the eye is susceptible to infection if you have an unhygienic lifestyle. Redness, swelling, or itching on the eye is also a notable symptom if the eye gets an infection. This article will thoroughly show you the types of eye infections with pictures and how to treat them based on its symptom and causes.

Eye Infection Is Different From Age Macular Degeneration Symptom

age macular degeneration is different from an eye infection

Some eye infection symptoms may overlap with Age Macular Degeneration (AMD) like vision blurry and dryness. However, both of these diseases are completely different diseases. AMD is a yearly disease that could consume your eyesight over time and could be prevented by consuming healthy food that is rich in vitamins for the eye. While eye infection is a bacterial or virus-infested disease that may need medical treatment soon after the symptom appears. Both diseases have utterly contrary treatment and recovery times. So, you can’t take it lightly on these diseases.

Common Eye Infections That We know How To Deal With It

common types of eye infection

According to health research, an eye infection is commonly caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungus that happen to get into the eye [A]. Some infections are spread by airborne or droplets. Fortunately, the symptom usually comes fast and could have treated as soon as the doctor correctly diagnosed the type of infection. Below are types of eye infections that could be distinguished easily and get early treatment before it gets worsen.

Stye or Sty

styes or sty eye infection

Sty is a common type of eye infection that affects the eyelid with bulged pus and causes pain when get touched. This condition usually occurs if your unhygienic hand brings out germs touching the eyelid and infesting the oil gland within the eye gland. Bacteria could blockage the pore and build up overnight. So don’t be surprised if it suddenly happens to you while you sleep.


inflammation by orbital cellulitis as eye infection

Cellulitis is commonly treated as a skin infection that goes into the skin by an open wound. For eye cellulitis infections case, there are two types of it. Preseptal cellulitis is an eye infected with a focus on eyelids as the main target and inflating it with fluid. And another one is Orbital cellulitis which attacks the eyeball with swelling as the main symptom. Staphylococcus A or Streptococcus P are the main causes of orbital cellulitis and a kind of dangerous disease that can lead to blindness. Moreover, the inflation process could burden more pressure on the eyeballs and worsen the symptom. So, check it immediately to the doctor if you feel this eye infection get to you or your children

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

common eye infection such as conjunctivitis

This disease is rather most common occur to people regardless of age or gender. The distinctive of conjunctivitis is the color of the sclera would turn into a pinkish or reddish color. That means the eye is infected by bacteria, viruses, or other foreign objects. There are many types of this eye infection and the symptom may differ from one to another [B]. For instance, Bacterial conjunctivitis will release some yellowish pus that usually sticks to the eyelids. While viral conjunctivitis will discard watery tears. Both these kinds of eye infections are contagious and easily spread by direct contact with the infected. Moreover, Symptoms such as blurred vision and sensitivity to light also could occur in some cases.


blepahritis is swelling eye infection on eyelids

Blepharitis is kind of unique eye infection that is not contagious. It specifically causes on eyelashes and infects near its location. This condition also has two characteristic types, Anterior blepharitis which infects the outer skin of the eyelid, and Posterior blepharitis which infests eyelashes near the eyeball (or touched inside the eye). This eye infection may look like a sty at glance, but it is not producing any pus and just gets inflamed with irritation. Sometimes, it also forms bubbly tears, crusty eyes, or eyelashes fall out that hinder the vision [C]. For additional information, this eye infection can’t be completely healed and sometimes relapses in some people. In a case like this, prevent it by regularly washing hair with shampoo since scalp and dandruff are causes of this disease.


keratitis as viruses infection by herpes

Keratitis is also a typical eye infection that attacks the cornea. This disease also has many types depending on its causes. For example, Herpes Keratitis or Ocular herpes is a viral infection type that causes by the Herpes Simplex virus. Moreover, this eye infection isn’t posed a high threat, but it still needs medical attention to completely wear off this infection. Moreover, some types of this eye infections are contagious, so be mindful to not rub your hands rashly. If you get this eye infection, you may feel something on the tip of the cornea, irritation, redness, and increase sensitivity to light [D].


Uveitis is one of harmful eye infection

Uveitis is a unique eye infection that affects the black dot in the center of the eye known as the uvea. This infection usually inflamed it and make a change in vision. Viruses like herpes may be triggering this condition, but other causes like autoimmune also could occur. If you happen to be infected with this disease, you might see the floater that disturbs your vision since the focus also changes. The doctor will diagnose by sampling the tissue and further examine on the lab. It is important to know the type of infection and get the right medication.


white build up on endophthalmitis case causes by eye infection

If your eye is in pain and a white cloud-like thing appears again on the cornea after getting cataract surgery, your eye may be infected by bacteria or fungal. This eye infection is called endophthalmitis. There are two types of it, the first is the exogenous type which happens after surgery on the eye, and the endogenous type that causes by other infections like blood infections [E]. Redness is a common symptom of this infection followed by sudden vision change and increase sensitivity to light. Since it can be harmful if too long exposed to bacteria, it could lead to blindness. So, according to the America Society of Retina Specialists, endophthalmitis needs serious medical attention and is immediately diagnosed with proper treatment to save eye vision [F].


tear duck infection or dacryocystitis

This disease does not affect directly the eye, but it infests tear sacks. Its located on the upper nose bone and have passage to the nose by a nasolacrimal duct. The other tear gland is located in the upper eyelids near the eye-brow. The infection could blockage the punctum tear valve with pus and inflate with intense pain. Dacryocystitis could form like a pimple or boil and may need medical treatment to release the pus. This eye infection also comes with mild fever if happens to children. The common cause of this disease is Streptococcus bacteria and Staphylococcus bacteria [G]. However, other causes like post-trauma injury or cancer also could occur.

Home Remedies For Early Eye Infection Treatment

home remedies with tea bag for treat eye infection

Getting this pesky eye infection can hinder your work and rubbing it makes it worsen. For that reason, you can make home remedies to relieve the pain while reducing the infection. The media is so simple and could improve the recovery of this disease. However, ask the doctor before attempting this medication since the types of eye infections could have different treatments.

  • Teabag – Damp the tea bag and placed it on your infected eye. It will cool down the eye while the active compound on tea will reduce bacterial infection.
  • Saline water – You can mix pure salt with warm water to eliminate the infection. Some pharmaceuticals also have saltwater for the specific purpose of eye infection or skin infection.
  • Warm compress – The common way to bring down the eye infection is by compressing with a warm towel. Moreover, regularly wash the tower to cut off the spreading of eye infections to other people. This way is the best home treatment for low-risk eye infections such as stye, blepharitis, and conjunctivitis.

There are also herbal remedies for treating eye infections by honey and essential oil. However, Be mindful to use that for curing this disease since it needs further research on treating an infection in the eye.

When To See The Doctor For Further Eye Infection Treatment

see the doctor for treating eye infection

In certain cases, an eye infection could be life-threatening. You should go to the near doctor to get medical treatment. Endophthalmitis and cellulitis are small cases of harmful eye infections that could cut off your vision if don’t have proper treatment. The doctor will examine your eye and diagnose your infection. In the worse case, surgery is possible to let out the fluid that makes your eye inflation. Moreover, the doctor will prescribe you some anti-bacterial, anti-viral, or anti-fungal to fasten the recovery and prevent to get relapse again.

Prevention Against Eye Infection

keep hygiene to prevent eye infection

Even after recovery from an eye infection, you could get it again if you are careful about the sanitation. Yes, it is essential to cut off this infectious disease. So, to prevent the infection have well hygiene lifestyle. Regularly wash your hand with soap after getting outside and avoid direct contact with the eye. Moreover, trimming your nail also could prevent the infection since bacteria could build up under nail tips.

Another prevention step to avoid this disease is to clean your cloth, especially on basic needs such as towels and napkins. Wash it periodically to wear off bacteria that might build up within its fiber.


Eye infection could occur in any case, especially with a dirty lifestyle, germ can freely infect your eye by rubbing with an unhygienic hand. This disease come with types that have mild symptoms like redness or irritation. However, some kind of infection can change your vision and lead to blindness. Using a tower with warm water can reduce the infection, but check it with the doctor if the infection doesn’t wear off in a couple of weeks.


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