11 Beginner Yoga Asanas Move For Women To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

beginner yoga pose for women to lose belly fat

Olidhealth.com – Belly fat is always the main opponent for women since this build-up can hinder their appearance and lose self-confidence. To lose belly fat, some instructors may suggest you take High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which could burn calories faster. However, this training would consume your leisure time, need to prepare the equipment, and need the determination to lose some fat. If you can’t take HIIT, another option that has less effort but can slowly reduce your belly fat is known as Yoga. Yes, this calming pose exercise with breathing techniques could burn belly fat. Some people may underestimate this kind of practice for losing fat, but many asanas moves have focused on the abdominal and could burn fat with simple moves. Read thoroughly this article to know how to lose belly fat with beginner yoga asana quickly.

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For Woman, What Kind of Fat Should Be Burned First?

Women are generally concerned about their weight and posture since it is one of their attractive features to get their partner’s attention. In fact, consuming a healthy diet and having a physical routine is enough to maintain an hourglass figure. However, people sometimes are not aware of their metabolism mechanism and get obese by certain factors [1]. You also can have excessive fat even though you consume a low-fat diet. If their weight increase, women will focus on the belly first since the fat on the abdomens is utterly visible. Belly fat is the main target for women that must be burned first. To do that, Yoga can be an optional exercise to reduce belly fat.

Is Yoga Asanas Move Can Burn Belly Fat?

Unlike exercise with fitness equipment and high-intensity workout, yoga has less tempo that focuses on breathing techniques while moving by stretching the body. yoga can burn belly fat with simple poses and increase oxygen intake to burn out more energy that circulates within the body. A study in 2016 found that yoga has a positive effect on reducing fat in women with obesity [2]. Moreover, This kind of workout is seamlessly safe to do without any costly equipment. Some pose also focused on tuning the abdomen muscle and improving good posture on the backbone. Because of that, we summarize 18 yoga poses that could reduce belly fat quickly.

Tadasana Or Mountain Pose

tadasana pose for burning belly fat

For starter yoga poses, Tadasana is the standard move to warm up the body. This pose is also good for beginners since it is easy to do. It can help regulate blood flow while stretching your hand up to the sky. Moreover, this yoga asana also has many variations that can be combined with other poses.

How to do Tadasana for burning belly fat

  • First, stand with the feet and close the gap between the legs.
  • Raise your hand, and straighten it up while deep inhaling.
  • Make a mountain with your hand on top of the head by closing it on your palm.
  • Stretch your body on your leg up to your hand.
  • If possible, use toes as a standing point while holding the position for up to 30 seconds.
  • Release the pose and breath normally.

For beginners, 10 sets of Tadasana are good as a starter to relieve the tension on the shoulder. Make an internal between resting and posing to improve its benefit.

Utkatasana or Chair Pose

utkatasana move for losing belly fat

After taking the tadasana pose, you can use Utkatasana to follow back the pose. It has use a similar initial posture, but the change is to hold on bending position. Staying in this posture can lose belly fat by strengthening abdomen muscles. Moreover, this yoga asana could strengthen the thigh and backbone.

How to do Utkatasana for losing belly fat

  • Stand with the sole feet on the ground and tadasana pose on hold.
  • Bend the knee while maintaining the tadasana pose.
  • If you have a strong foothold, bend it until looks like a half-squat with a closed leg.
  • Hold the position for 30 – 60 seconds.
  • Back to tadasana pose with straighten spine.
  • Relax the body and release the hand.
  • Rest for 15 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

Kapal Bhati or Skull Shining Breathing Technique

kapal bhati pose to reduce belly fat

Kapal Bhati is a unique pose that is solely focused on breathing. This pose is good for enhancing lung health while losing belly fat by using stomach muscle movement. For women who are beginners in yoga, this breathing technique is a good starter for the first-timer.

How to do Kapal Bhati move to burn belly fat

  • Sitting in a cross-legged position while aligning your spine.
  • Meditate your mind while placing your hand on your knee.
  • Relax your body and take a deep inhale.
  • Release the breath at short intervals.
  • Give the force while exhaling it.
  • Use abdomen muscle to help shoot the breath.
  • Repeat it 20 times.

Pavanamuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose

Pavanamuktasana move to burn belly fat

This yoga asana is good for women who are beginners in yoga sessions. The pose itself is simple yet beneficial to tone your belly. Another benefit of this pose is relieving gas in people with gastritis or acid reflux since it is also called the Gas release pose A similar pose to this is known as apanasana or supine knee-to-chest pose. The difference is it doesn’t need the head to be lifted, but lay it on the ground while pressing the knee to the chest tightly.

How to do Pavanamuktasana for reducing belly fat

  • Lay down in a supine posture, relax the body, and bend the knee while the foot is flat on the ground.
  • Pull the knee into the chest and hold it with your hand.
  • Lift your head until it is touching the knee.
  • Hold the position for 1 minute.

Another way to do this pose is Upavistha Pavanamuktasana or Seated Wind Relieving Pose the same as the previous pose but this is a seated version. So your balance is on the buttock and sole feet. This pose looks like normal sitting without a chair, but it can burn your belly fat because maintaining a sitting position need abdomen energy to stabilize the body balance without falling back.

Ustrasana or Camel Pose

Ustrasana yoga to reduce belly fat

Ustrasana is a unique yet difficult pose that you need to stretch your belly first before doing it. This move could burn up the fat by stretching the abdomen muscle. On top of that, it is also good to improve spine strength and promote better posture. For beginners, you can lean back as long as it doesn’t hurt. If it is sting and slight pain, stop it and try to counterpose by reclining your back.

How do Ustrasana move to reduce belly fat

  • Sitting on your knee at first and raising your body with a knee as the main support weight.
  • Place your hand on the buttock and bend your spine backward with hand support.
  • Hold the position to normalize the breath tempo for 20 seconds.
  • If your back doesn’t pain, stretch your back to bend while your hand supports it by placing it on the foot
  • inhale and exhale normally and hold the posture for 30 seconds.
  • Back to the sitting position and repeat it 10 times with a 15-second rest interval.

navasana pose to lose belly fat

This asana pose also has other popular names such as Naukasana. Why in English translation called boat pose? Well, it actually looks like a boat if you try this pose. Moreover, Navasana is also categorized as intermediate difficulty asana since its works on several important muscles. It can strengthen your hip, abdomen, pelvic, and chest, and improve flexibility while you hold this position. On top of that, you should balance your upper and lower body which could improve concentration while controlling the rhythm of breathing.

How to do Navasana for burning belly fat

  • First, calm your body in a sitting position, take a deep breath, and close up your leg.
  • Try to get a good position on your sitting bone, slowly lean back your upper body and align your lower body while lifting it up gradually.
  • Stretch your hand to the leg and line it up while holding the position.
  • You can make variations by grabbing your toes while doing this pose if your body is flexible enough.
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds, release the tension, and repeat it.

You can feel your abdomen is burning on these moves since it working on the abdomen muscle to hold the upper body. However, people with certain conditions like headaches, low blood pressure, and pregnant women should avoid this yoga pose because it would harm in some cases.

Phalakasana or The Plank Pose

phalakasana pose to burn belly fat

Kumbhakasana and Phalakasana are known as plank pose that focuses on strengthening the abdomen. Moreover, this pose is also the simplest move for a beginner since its look like a push-up, but the hand holds the body to sustain in that position for 30 – 60 second. Good posture with straightening your spine, leg, and shoulder also makes this pose effective to burn belly fat. Women can use this pose to tone the forearm and reduce fat on the thigh at once. In addition, this asana also can improve your respiratory system since it trains your breathing while maintaining the plank position.

How to do Phalaksana for reducing belly fat

  • Prepare your body by lying down with your belly touching the ground. Tighten your leg and stretch the body.
  • Push your body with your hand while maintaining a straight pose. Use your toes as a foothold on this pose.
  • Straighten your hand to hold the rest of the body as long as possible (at least between 30 – 60 seconds). keep the rhyme of your breath in this position.
  • Slowly lift down your body if can’t hold the position. Rest for a while and repeat this pose.

There are also some variant asana in this yoga pose if you can’t align your hand or leg. Forearm plank pose and knee bend plank pose are also good for beginners. Moreover, if you want to challenge yourself, Chaturanga Dandasana is another variant that is similar to a half push-up and holds the position for a long time.

Vasishtasana or Side Plank Pose

vasishtasana move to lose belly fat

Vasishtasana is an alternate pose from Phalaksana with higher difficulty. The pose is similar but the difference is how to balance your body with just one hand. For woman, this asana is challenging since the center mass of your body solely depend on one hand while holding the pose. It requires much energy to stay in position. Despite its hard to be done, this move could fastly tone your abdomen and burn belly fat. Another benefit of this pose is helping to regain concentration while balancing the body and strengthening your muscle, especially in the shoulder.

How to do Vasishtasana move for losing belly fat

  • Starting by using phalaksana as a base pose.
  • Straight up the leg and try balancing with one hand by extending the palm surface.
  • Lift up your hand and turn your body while holding the hip align to the leg and the head.
  • Point your hand to the ceiling and hold the position to make T-pose.
  • turn your head into the sky at the same point as your hand.
  • stay in that position for 30 seconds.

This yoga asana is quite hard for beginners to balance while holding whole body mass in one hand. However, you can variate it by using the forearm that serves as a balance point. It will make a larger surface to stabilize the body. Ensure your pose especially on your hip and stomach since bending at this point make less benefit for losing belly fat.

Balasana or Child Pose

balasana pose to lose belly fat

After taking a stretching back asana, Balasana can be a good choice to relax. Besides it could reduce belly fat, this pose is great for tension release. Moreover, this move also could improve blood flow and help people with insomnia. Some trainers usually suggest this asana for treating women after delivery to improve recovery. You can do Shavasana after doing this pose since it relatable position for cooling down sessions.

How to do Balasana for burning your belly fat

  • Sitting with your knee, bend your upper body forward until the chest touched the knee.
  • Place your hand upfront which looks like a prostration while stretching your back.
  • Control your breath while doing this pose and hold this move for some time.
  • Get up the upper body and repeat the move.

Uttanpadasana or Raised Foot Pose

uttanpadasana pose to reduce belly fat

You can lie back while toning your stomach with this yoga asana pose. Uttanpadasana can be performed while you are on the bed. These simple yoga poses are also good for improving blood regulation in the lower body to the upper body.

How to do Uttanpadasana pose to burn belly fat

  • Lie down in a supine position and enclose your leg.
  • Pull your leg up to the ceiling and hold the position.
  • Balance your hold by using the abdomen muscle and stay for 1 minute.
  • Use a pillow to have a good grip on stabilizing the leg.
  • You also can use wall as lean support if you can’t hold it by yourself.

Shavasana or Corpse Pose

shavasana pose for reducing belly fat

Shavasana is suitable to end the yoga session. This move will improve your previous pose in a relaxed position. Furthermore, this asana is solely concentrated on breathing techniques to feel the body and enhance oxygen intake to burn out the belly fat.

How to do Shavasana move to lose belly fat

  • Relax all tension on your body and lie down in a supine position.
  • Stretch out the hand and leg and calm your mind.
  • Deep breath intake and release slowly while closing your eye.
  • Focused on your recovery to the normal state and don’t fall asleep at this moment.

The Difference Between Cardio And Yoga In Burning Belly Fat

Cardio and yoga training may have similarities that workout based on physical activity, but it works at a different pace. Cardio focuses on maintaining heart rate while training with such intensity. While yoga is based on breathing technique, pose to rearrange body function, and have less intense than cardio. If we compare these two different exercises for reducing belly fat, cardio is better than yoga since an intense workout could burn fat faster. However, it also depends on other factors to lose belly fat. If you want to try cardio for burning belly fat instead of yoga, we also write another article on that matter.

Can We Combine Yoga With Other Workouts?

Frankly, Yoga alone couldn’t burn belly fat quickly. Combining yoga with bicycling or jogging is good enough to drain the fat. on the other hand, High-Intensity Interval Training is good for reducing fat on the abdomen. You could add yoga after HIIT to stretch the muscle and improve the HIIT with a cooling-down asana pose. Moreover, you also should have one physical routine before the 30s since it is important for women to maintain body health after having a child. Generally, women would gain some weight if getting pregnant and this combined workout could regain ideal body mass after delivery.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3083889/ – Obesity is caused by some factors that disturb the metabolism.

[2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5098025/ – Study about abdominal obesity and its relation with yoga exercise.


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