Burnout: 10 Way How To Deal With It Including The Symptom And Prevention

Way to deal burnout with this step

Olidhealth.com – Imagine you are a big shot player in your company and have many projects that have to be done. However, your body and mind can’t keep up with it if this workload is increasing day by day. If you sacrifice your health conditions because of work, you can be snapped out with a mental condition known as work burnout. Many people can’t detect it at first, yet it will wear out your performance and hinder your activity with bad thoughts. Well, How deal with work burnout is not as simple as a mental disorder since it’s not a serious condition. Regardless of how it affects your work, you may need to know the burnout symptom, recover from that, and make prevention steps before it happens. Fortunately, we summarize within this article to help learn about work burnout and how to get rid of it.

Is Work Burnout a Medical Condition?

In general, work burnout is not a wicked mental condition, but simply emotional exhaustion from excessive workload. Build-up stress while doing an imbalance work-life can sap the enthusiasm that is not like yourself at attending the first job. Despite its looking like depression, this condition can’t be healed by taking medication and increasing alcohol abuse. Moreover, WHO also refers to burnout as a non-medical condition that is also convincing with certain research to differentiate between depression and burnout [A][B].

How To Detect a Work Burnout

how to detect burnout

Work burnout is hardly being detected since symptoms appear in severe cases. Moreover, self-restraint and having a caring personality can conceal the dissatisfaction feeling while doing a long last job. Despite how strong you can be, you cannot bear the build-up of stress forever. There are some symptoms if you get a work burnout as follows [B][C]:

  • Being cynical and dissatisfied with your work task.
  • Losing interest at work also affects personal life.
  • Decreased concentration and performance with minimum effort to clear the job task.
  • Feel tired and exhausted in the morning even before getting to work.
  • Attempt to use alcohol or drug to release the overload of stress and feel better
  • Fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and other disorder are caused by a lack of mental self-care.
  • Developed more serious diseases like stomach acid flux, high blood pressure, or even heart disease.

Risk Factor of Work Burnout

risk factor of burnout

The causes of work burnout are different than mental disorders. To be precise, burnout is more like exhaustion from a monotone job that has no relation to a cognitive disorder. Some of the risk factors are usually related to the dysfunction of company management in each department. Long burnout impact can make depersonalization on the person that may obstruct team job. There are also other factors that escalate work burnout within the workplace [B].

  • High demand on workload – Having pressured job desk with high expectations could deplete your energy faster.
  • Imbalance of work time – Spending less time with your life and more overtime work can increase the risk of burnout.
  • Fairness in the reward system – in some cases, unfair decisions on reward management can create a disillusioned atmosphere in the workplace.
  • Unhealthy workplace – Newcomers may have high motivation on their first job, but at a later time they realize the bad side of the company like bullying within the office that wears off their minds continuously.
  • Absence of social skill – Not to mention, this part also includes a lack of support within the family, friend, or relation circle that may make you more stressed.

Deal The Burnout With Various Step

Work burnout is usually treated as stress and people can’t differentiate it at the glare. Furthermore, commonfolk will suggest you ask a psychiatrist that helps recovery. This effort is good if you don’t aware of your condition and need a professional to help diagnose it. However, before jumping into that matter, you can help yourself with simple steps that may help reduce the symptom and alleviate work burnout quickly. Check the tips below to treat burnout fastly.

Make a Reasonable Commitment

make a commitment

In the first place, work burnout happens to people who have perfectionist traits. They are usually pursuing high demand with excellent scores on finishing the job. However, this trait consumes more energy than a normal occasion job. Moreover, your supervisor could push over others’ jobs portion to you if you don’t have a strong personality to refuse it. Overload work sometimes can happen and build up stress that may lead to burnout. To fix this, you need to change your perfect attitude and make a reasonable commitment with a moderate workload. If you can’t make it alone, ask your partner to make a better work schedule for you.

Reschedule Your Time To Find Balance Work

reschedule your work time to reduce risk of burnout

This step is related to your commitment to having a better life. Burnout can happen if you don’t have the resilience to get your job done in time. Try to make it finish faster, or if the volume of the task is can’t be done in one day, save it for tomorrow if possible to make this demand. Moreover, limit to take overtime since you need to cope with family as a happy charger that feeds up your mind with pleasant thoughts. Reschedule is also good to find a better solution with your companion if you work on teamwork.

Change The Job to Your Passionate Dream

Change your current job into your passionate job

For this matter, it depends on your choice to make the right decision before quitting. If you can secure another optional job that is suitable for you, this step is promising. To deal with the workload demand, you need to search for a better job that has well-allocated work time. If you can persuade your supervisor to lower the workload is fine, but in some cases, you may don’t have a fair option while taking that job. However, if you have trouble with your bill expanse, don’t jump to a conclusion about leaving the work. Moreover, try to value your job and make a detour decision to refresh your mind while evaluating your work pace. Even if you have a monotonous job, you can still find time to enjoy your work time.

Get More Physical Activity To Wear Off Unpleasant Thoughts of Working

physical exercise is good for relieve burnout

If you are exhausted, why should you do physical activities? Ok, let’s straight it up. Feeling tiredness that you experienced is on your mental state, not physically. So you can change your thought while you do exercise. Aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, and climbing have positive effects to alleviate work burnout, according to research on 2018 [D]. Moreover, it also helps you to maintain your health especially your metabolism within the body. On 30’s, people should have at least one physical habit to preserve stamina and keep motivated through the day. If you unsure which one to start the exercise, we also make other articles with best collection physical activity for you. Check this out if you are interested with it.

Release Pent Up Stress By Talking To People

Release pent-up emotion by talking to people you trust

You may feel irritability and hold the urge to give up on your job because of certain factors like office bullying. Humans tend to have complicated issues that may affect their work, but they actually don’t want to harm other people with their action. Each individual can make a mistake by releasing anger at work to their colleague unconsciously. In consequence, this can lead to work burnout. How to deal with burnout is to try to talk about it personally with other people. We recommend asking your closest friend that you have trust to share your thought and let the steam off. On top of that, this kind of socialization is human nature way to heal ourselves.

Try To Join Community That Have to Benefit from Relieve The Stress

join community to fight burnout together

There are numerous communities that can help you deal the work burnout and reach the conclusion for recovering from it. The main factor of these tips is to make a new friend or new passion in life. It can be a social or religious group with open-minded people. You are not alone to fight these conditions. Moreover, Some groups can have a lot of common desire to relieve burnout. If you finish dealing with it, you can contribute your support to other members with same condition and embrace together to deal with it.

Fill Your Free Time With Hobbies That Distract The Bad Thought

hobby like photography is good to relieve burnout

Free up your passion while you have vacation can help reducing work burnout. Furthermore, it can boost your creativity and let bad thought out since your produce serotonin while do your hobby. For example, Wildlife photography on your garden or simple tracking on nearest hill to have great view is the best way to change your mood into good one. You can do it alone or bring up your partner to do the same thing together. Or, you can make new hobby for couple to get positive effect on recovery from burnout.

Getting Comfortable Sleep Can Reduce Work Burnout

good sleeping to alleviate burnout

Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your mind and body which leads to burnout. Overtime work demand and uncontrolled sleep cycles also make you sluggish after day and you can’t heal it by taking more sleep on holiday [E]. It also worsens your lifestyle which affects your cognition and less time with family. So, instead of making up your sleep time on the weekend, you should take the effective sleep by using some aromatherapy scent or limiting your light screen before getting to sleep. Burnout is also related to insomnia since your mind constantly thinks of working. There are some tips for treating insomnia in another article that may help you deal with work burnout.

Meditation Can Help Reduce Burnout While Clearance Your Mind

meditation can lift up your burnout

Commonly, Burnout happens if you have emotions exhausted in a certain event. It does not only occur at work but at nerve-wracking events like taking part in an art contest or getting a promotion. It can impact your thought and easily get drained. To reduce its effect, meditation is an alternate choice to alleviate burnout. Moreover, it could calm your mind, clearance bad thought, improve self-compassion, and promote a positive view to live your life [F]. You can do meditation in your home if you have a quiet place that is good. On top of that, Meditation with simple yoga is also favorable to get rid of burnout quickly.

Seek The Professional As Last Advice

Seek the professional to get rid the burnout

As we mention before on firsthand, if this advice hardly lift up your work burnout, you may need profesional like therapist. They are expert on this kind of condition and help you out with their method. Despite depression and burnout is not the same thing, but it can lead to mental disorder if you let it for long time. If your experience the condition is worsen and affect your daily life such as continously bad mood, imaginating to hurting yourself, or having uncontrolled anger, we recommend to get therapist as soon as posible.

Prevention Ways To Minimize Getting Work Burnout

Is work burnout can be prevented? Well, there are small studies to prove the prevention of this condition [B]. However, it is possible to decrease the risk of burnout. You can try this out to help prevention of work burnout before it occurs.

  • Persuade The Boss to Reduce Your Workload – If you can’t keep up with the current workload, discuss with your boss to reduce it or allocate it to another time.
  • Avoid the negative people that are close to your workplace – Some people may have bad habits that can wear off your energy. Try to keep a distance from these people to prevent mood swings.
  • Know your limit on taking multiple tasks at once – Try to say ‘no’ if they make you to doing multiple tasks since not all people can handle it alone.
  • Take a break occasionally – Quick rest while taking a breast is essential to maintain your energy on a tremendous job.
  • Make a good relationship with your companion – Small talk during your hard work time also can break the ice between colleagues and strengthen your companionship.
  • Limit social media uses – Sometimes, media social not only hinder your focus but also can weaken your self-confidence.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption and getting healthy food instead – This is not the best way to relieve your stress by alcohol since it just has a slightly pleasant feeling and doesn’t fix the problem. We suggest consuming healthy food/drink that boosts serotonin and gives relaxation like green tea.


Work burnout is not medical condition but utterly disturb your daily life. For common people, it is hardly to detect the symptom, but burnout usually comes out at worse time. Since the burnout is mental exhausted condition, all you can do is change the preseption or make positive thought. Rearrange your work time or do your hobby also can alleviate the burnout. In fact, how to deal with burnout is simple if you know the main problem that you experience it. As last advice, try to communicate with your family about your condition. They may help you at least make you not feel alone all the time.


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